Apple Iphone 13 Releasing Date

According to Unshared News: The iPhone 13 release date is approaching. According to media reports, Apple The company will release the iPhone 13 on September 14 and go on sale worldwide on September 24.

Recently, there have been many news about the price of the iPhone 13 series: the lowest iPhone 13 mini 64GB version is 5499 yuan, and the high-end iPhone 13 Pro Max has added a 1TB version, priced at 14099 yuan.

Although domestic mobile phones have made technological breakthroughs in charging, imaging, screens, systems and other aspects, and want to get a share of the high-end market, the iPhone 13 is still competitive. In the second half of the year, China’s high-end mobile phone market will enter the “Warring States Era”.

In terms of product genes, XiaomiChinese mobile phone manufacturers such as, OPPO, vivo, Honor and so on are all the way from low-end to high-end, while the iPhone has its own “high price gene” at the beginning of its birth.

As early as 2007, Apple launched the iPhone for mid-to-high-end pricing. At the time, the iPhone 4GB version was priced at US$499 and the 8GB version was priced at US$599.

In the past few years, Apple has also launched iPhone SE, iPhone mini and other “moving” products for the mid-range market, but the focus has been on high-end models. Last year, the highest price of iPhone 12 Pro Max was close to 12,000 yuan.

Before the launch of the iPhone 13, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor and other mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own high-end new products, with the price reaching 8,500 yuan. The high-end flagship X70 series of vivo will compete head-on with the iPhone 13 in September.

Judging from the domestic high-end mobile phones that have been released, most of them are equipped with QualcommSnapdragon series chips, for example, Xiaomi MIX4, iPhoneX ,Honor Magic 3 series, and vivo’s iQOO 8 series are all equipped with Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 888 Plus chips.

At the system level, Xiaomi’s MIUI, vivo’s OriginOS, and Honor’s Magic UI are all deeply customized based on the Android system.

Android mobile phone manufacturers ran forward with the trouble of homogeneity, but the iPhone has come out of the independent market with its A-series chips and iOS system.

Some people in the industry chain broke the news that the iPhone 13 series is equipped with Apple’s self-developed chip A15, which is based on TSM CAt the application level, Qualcomm’s chips must not only consider performance, but also compatibility with different devices. Apple’s chips are highly unified in software and hardware and aim to maximize performance.

Iphone13 series is a good in performance for as campare to other devices , Tim will be shared releasing drate of Iphone13 soon

At the same time, the iOS system installed on the iPhone 13 series has a better user experience in terms of operating interface and system security. For example, when you log in to the same account, the contents of the notes recorded on the iPhone can be silently synchronized on iPad, Mac and other devices; the system is relatively closed, and each APP is strictly checked by Apple, which reduces the risk of user information being violated or illegally stolen.

Considering a variety of factors such as brand, chip, system, etc., iPhone 13 still has strong strength, and still has the confidence to compete for the top spot in the high-end market. For Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and Honor, high-end is also the way to go, and investment and experimentation are also necessary at the moment, but it will take time to “compete” Apple.

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