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Joining Top 3  reality show about fashion can be a great idea if you happen to love clothes and the industry. It is always interesting to see what people are up to, both on and off set. While it can be fun, though sometimes grueling, the showcast will give you an inside perspective on what celebrities are wearing when they post pictures of themselves on Instagram or other social media platforms. You’ll also know the ins and outs of how people like Rachel Roy get their start in fashion.

1. Queer Eye Netflix

Ever since Queer Eye first aired on Netflix, talking about fashion has never been the same. With each episode focusing on one straight dude with a few style shortcomings, these five gay men are more than capable of showing him how to dress every day and look every bit as good as he deserves.

Now these guys have given us an entire season and we’re ready for another. So we’ve put together a list just for you of the five best reality shows that focus on fashion – all available to stream right now – so that you can start learning about this world from the experts themselves.

2. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

This reality show was first produced by the American network, ABC that aired a thirty-minute pilot on January 5th 2002. This program features a single man who has the task of finding his perfect woman among 25 women. For this task, he must go through multiple dates and eventually choose one woman to walk down the aisle with him at the end of production. The Bachelor show has been successful over its 15 year career and became such a hit during its first season that it spawned additional spinoffs such as “The Bachelorette”, which is also produced by ABC and follows single women who are searching for their perfect match among 28 men.

3 . America’s Next Top Model

It’s no secret that America’s Next Top Model is one of the most successful reality TV shows in history. From its first season in 2003, (13 million viewers) to its landmark 21st season this year, ANTM has seen huge ratings and successes throughout the years. There are many great things about this show that make it a must watch for any fashion enthusiast. If you’re looking for some fresh new TV right now, why not try watching America’s Next Top Model (or catch up on seasons 1-12).

The show is so well known for it’s unique format, which gives viewers a sneak peek into the lives of aspiring models. It’s also one of the few reality shows that gets you so emotionally attached to the contestants, even though they are just models

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