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Most Popular House Style

house-building project

start to finish If you are someone who has great plans for a house-building project, then you will want to take into Most Popular House Style consideration some clever house-style ideas to create that unique sense of wow factor. But what are those design ideas that will offer you the biggest reward? If you are at that stage where you have to select the architectural style of your new house electrical and plumbing, you will have to think about your architectural interest and how you will interact with your home building. Here are 10 of the hottest design ideas for your new home to get those creative juices flowing along with maximizing the results of your new build a house project step by step guide!

  1. Colonial Style Homes

home building codes One of the most popular home styles among people in the United States is Colonial Style Homes which date back to 1876. These kinds of homes have 2-3 stories with fireplaces and brick/wood facades. It has a classic floors walls and ceilings plan with a kitchen and family/living room on the first floor and bedrooms on the next floor construction process. Colonial-style homes are easy to add on to the back or the side.

  1. Play Up Tudor Most Popular House Style

Curb appeal is the thing that matters the most while choosing a home style. You can surely go for play-up Tudor-style homes because of their elegant and signature exterior details. You can play with several different materials, textures light fixtures, floors walls and roof construction work and colors that are found in these kinds of homes.

  1. Cape Cod Homes

custom home Cape Cod Homes date back to 1675 but they become a popular choice in the 1930s. These one-story homes include multi-pane windows, hardwood floors, wood siding, and a steep roofline. Original style home builders were comparatively small than the modern ones and they had dormer windows for more ventilation, light, and space. You will see that a lot of original Cape Cod custom home didn’t have finished space upstairs but you can change that according to your needs.

  1. Victorian Houses

There are many styles of houses that fall under this category and they were popular between the years 1860-1900. Homes of this era are distinctive, romantic and have a lot of details including the fabrics and patterns of the colors and textures as well walls and roof. You can easily combine traditional and contemporary in these homes. Moreover, they have a steeply pitched roof, cutaway bay windows, and patterned shingles as well.

  1. Country French Most Popular House Style

Dating back to the 18th century, Country French home builders are typically one-story houses with paired shutters and narrow windows walls and roof. They have a half-timbered frame, stucco walls, electrical and plumbing and steeply pitched roofs as well. These houses have a curb appeal that really stands out from all the other styles of houses. They feature landscape designs and phenomenal driveways.

  1. Tudor Style Houses

The name itself suggests where this design has come from. It came from the Tudor dynasty in England. However, the Tudor houses that you will see today are modern reinventions. They are loosely based on different late medieval English prototypes. Tall and narrow windows, small windowpanes, prominent cross gables, decorative half-timbering, and steeply pitched roof are some of the common features of such homes.

  1. Mediterranean Most Popular House Style

Mediterranean-style homes flourished in Southern California in the 1920s and they feature grillwork, stucco or adobe exterior, low pitched red tile roof, and arches. It has a typical U-shape floor plan. It is focused around a central courtyard with a fountain and makes it’s gardened an extension to your living space.

  1. Cottage Style Homes

Some of the common features of cottage-style homes include steep roof pitches, cross gables, casement windows, electrical and plumbing that have small panes, brick, floors walls, stucco, or stone siding, arched doors, and a warm storybook character.

  1. Traditional Ranch Homes

You might now think that traditional ranch light fixtures homes are so plain and cookie cutters on the outside but you have no idea they have a great potential for addition. These are some of the most popular styles of suburban homes and they are easy to upgrade because of their simplicity.

  1. Contemporary Style Houses

Contemporary-style homes reflect the combination of modernist ideas and American aesthetics. These homes feature flat or low pitched roofs, open floor plans, lots of glass, electrical and plumbing and inventive design light fixtures. You won’t see any unnecessary details or ornamentation in these homes as their exterior often features a mix of exposed roof beams and contrasting materials and textures.

The Bottom Line final inspection

We hope all your confusion regarding site preparation which home style ideas fits you the best has been solved septic systems. It is always a great idea to do your research before deciding on something as it will help you narrow down all your options final inspection. Landing on the home of your dreams can be a bit tough but once you decide which style you would like to go with and who will you want to work with, it is a smooth road. If you are looking for the best home designers in San Diego then House To Home can be your perfect  partner project manager. We’d love to hear all the details of your new project and make your dream home come to life!

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