Why You Should Buy an Unstitched Suit and What Makes It So Great

Unstitched Suit

A traditional Indian & Pakistani attire that you can wear to any party, event and wedding is salwar suit. Further suits are the most demanding outfits among Indian women. Owing to its stylish look, it is one of the must-have apparel in every Indian women’s wardrobe. Apart from ready to wear unstitched suits are also in demand. An unstitched salwar suit typically has three different pieces with different lengths. Length is suitable for creating attire like the salwar or pants, the kameez or long shirt and the dupatta or scarf.

Beside styling, unstitched salwar kameez is also in demand due to various benefits that you can avail from it. Not just the ready to wear but also party wear unstiched suit are also preferred by fashionista.

You can create a number of outfits from Unstitched Suit

This is perhaps the most notable advantage of buying an unstitched suit. If you are buying it for special occasions, get one dress that you can transform into multiple outfits. You can wear the kameez with the salwar pant, or the dupatta with saree, or skirt or shorts and so on. If you want to get maximum out of your purchase, then it is the right decision. There is no hard core rule that you can stitch only suits from such fabrics. You can also design it for multi purposes like wearing it with palazzo and pants or carrying it with some tops and other kurta. But this is only possible when you buy unstitched material. When you buy a ready to wear suit, it becomes somehow mandatory to carry them with each other.

Tailor it as your preference Unstitched Suit

Another significant advantage of buying an unstitched suit is that you can tailor it as per your preference. There are so many ways to make the best use of an unstitched suit. You can customise the fit, length, and style according to your requirement. For example, if your kameez and salwar are too long for you, you can get them adjusted to fit your body. You can customise the length to make it shorter, and you can cut the kameez according to your size. You can design it in your own way, you do not have to worry about color combinations and patterns as you can create your own. With ready to wear you will have common and usual patterns. But with stitching you will have a number of choices. So be creative and try to tailor your suit as you want, not what is available.

Different style for different body type

For a person of a particular body type, an unstitched suit can be a blessing in disguise. If you are a bit on the heavier side, and the kameez is too loose or short in length or the salwar is too tight, you can ask your tailor to adjust it according to your specifications. Similarly, if you are thin but want a loose-fitting kameez or salwar, you can ask your tailor to make the changes. Generally, you can ask your tailor to make minor changes in the length, width, style, and fabric of the kameez and salwar.

Cost effective

Buying a ready-made suit of a particular size will cost you expensive. But once you buy an unstitched suit, you can get it customise according to your size and fabric. And this will cost you less than ready to wear. Thus, it is a lot more cost-effective than buying a readymade suit. Additionally, you can buy an unstitched suit in bulk and get it tailored later. Through this you can save a significant amount of money. You can ask your friends and relatives to buy an unstitched suit and get it in the same fashion. If you are a student, a salwar kameez is a perfect dress to wear in college or at a workplace. It is easy to maintain, and you can wear it on any occasion. If you buy an unstitched suit, you can make as many outfits as you want.


One of the most important benefits of buying an unstitched suit is that it lets you test various outfit combinations and adjust them to your liking until you find a perfect fit. With an unlined suit, this process takes time and necessitates patience, which can be difficult for those who are looking for immediate gratification.

However, what may seem like a disadvantage may actually be one of the many benefits associated with buying an unstitched salwar suit. Why? Because it’s much easier to separate the lining from something completely new when you buy new than trying to separate old linings from a garment that has been well worn in reverse over time.

You can also buy unstitched dress material online from fabriclore if you want a grand variety of materials.

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