Top Grocery Delivery App Development Companies in USA

This era is driven by technology, which has changed society’s lifestyle. Unlike in old times, people don’t visit the nearby stores to buy groceries; instead, they order them online through grocery delivery apps. Online delivery services have seen a spike in the pandemic and have been growing drastically since then. According to a survey, most US citizens have developed the habit of ordering groceries online as they find it convenient, time-saving, and rewarding. All this has created a race among business minds to invest in Grocery Delivery App Development and generate massive profits. Therefore, we have prepared a list of top Grocery Delivery App Development Companies in the USA for reference and help.

Why are grocery delivery applications popular?

Grocery delivery applications are getting quite popular. A recent survey concluded that around 60% of US citizens prefer ordering groceries online through applications. There are multiple reasons behind it. Here is a glance at the same –

Time-saving – People are able to save a lot of time by ordering groceries online through applications. They no longer have to visit nearby grocery stores and queue in long lines to purchase groceries.

Rewarding – Most people also find ordering groceries online rewarding as the grocery application offers various discounts, offers, and loyalty programs.

Convenient – Ordering groceries online is more suitable as a person can easily order groceries while resting on their couch.

List of Best Grocery Delivery App Development Companies


Octal IT Solution

Founded in 2007, Octal IT Solution is one of the top grocery development app development companies. It leverages the latest technologies to build robust and innovative grocery delivery applications for its customers. Octal IT Solution has built custom solutions for grocery businesses worldwide and helped them grow and target a wider audience.

Founded Year – 2007

Headquarters – Jaipur, India

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Grocery delivery app development, SaaS Development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development

Chief Clients – Skype, Aviva, Vodafone, Fiat, Zee5


Inflexion Tech

Another top grocery delivery app development company is Inflexion Tech. This company has a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, testers, business analysts, and designers. The entire team works together to understand the business requirements and app ideas to build a custom grocery delivery app solution.

Founded Year – 2008

Headquarters – Abu Dhabi

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Custom app development, Hybrid app development ECM integration, Legacy software modernization

Chief Clients – Xtreme Marine, Galfar, Emirates Aviation supply centre, Al Farah Butchery, All Prints Distributors

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FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is another leading grocery delivery app development service provider. Operating since 2004, the company has developed expertise in on-demand app development. FATbit Technologies keep its tech stack up to date to develop innovate and powerful applications for its clients.

Founded Year – 2004

Headquarters – Mohali, Punjab

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Web design, Grocery app development, Android and iOS app development, custom website programming, Internet Marketing

Chief Clients – HCL, Craviors, Eisai, My Cart, US-Asia Institute



FulleStop has over two decades of experience in custom app development. Operating since 2001, it is one of the top grocery delivery app development companies in USA. FulleStop has designed, developed, and deployed hundreds of projects for businesses across various industries.

Founded Year – 2001

Headquarters – Jaipur, Rajasthan

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Web development, Grocery delivery app development, Big data, Mobile app development, Magento Development, Search engine marketing

Chief Clients – Volkswagen, Adidas, Olage, Set India, Cara Diamonds


Spec India

Last but not least, Spec India is one of the top grocery app development companies. Spec India has been helping businesses since 1987 to function smoothly and offer their products and services to a wider audience. The company leverages experience, expertise, and the latest technology to build a custom grocery delivery application.

Founded Year – 1987

Headquarters – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Salesforce, Grocery app development, PWA, Business Intelligence and analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Chief Clients – Armada, Change Healthcare, Pepsico, Tata, Trinity law school

How to hire the best Grocery Delivery App Development Company

The difficulty of finding the best grocery delivery app development company is increasing simultaneously with the rising demand for grocery delivery app development. Therefore, it is hard enough to find the best grocery app development company.

However, you can practice evaluating the grocery app development companies on the basis of their experience, pricing, portfolio, testimonials, and expertise. Prefer connecting with them to discuss your idea and area of improvement in it. All these factors can be collectively considered to identify and hire the best grocery delivery app development company.

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At Last

Here comes the end to our list of top grocery delivery app development companies in USA. In case you have a fantastic grocery app idea, then you can discuss it with a top grocery delivery app development company. Our team has handpicked all the companies mentioned above after proper evaluation and can be considered for custom grocery app development.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery App?

The grocery delivery app development cost cannot be pre-defined as it can vary depending upon various factors like the location of the grocery delivery app development company, app features, app complexity, tech stack, etc. Therefore, prefer to get in touch with Octal IT Solution along with your requirement to get an approx. grocery delivery app development cost.

What are the essential features of a Grocery Delivery App?

The grocery delivery applications are packed with the latest features to offer a better customer experience to the users. Here are a few of the features that are a must in a grocery delivery app.

  •         User Profile
  •         Order History
  •         Push Notifications
  •         Add to Cart    
  •         Live order tracking
  •         Secure payment gateway

How do I start if I have a Grocery Delivery app idea?

Any person with an app idea can contact any of the top grocery delivery app development companies to avail free consultancy, obtain a better understating of the industry, and evaluate their idea. 

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