Preserved Flowers : A Perfect Choice To Celebrate Your Day

Preserved Flowers

Everybody indeed prefers to give something unique and trendy to loved ones on special occasions. No doubt, flower bouquets are a good choice because of its charm and mesmerizing fragrance. But they can be cherished for a few days only. So on your birthdays, wedding anniversary or house warming events, give a bouquet of preserved flowers as a token of love.

This article will list all the interesting facts about preserved flowers and how they make a great pick to celebrate the day.

What are preserved flowers ?

A successful way to increase the life of flowers is to preserve them. Preserved florals are the fresh cut florals which are made to live for years using certain chemical substances. Fortunately, these flowers are made eternal when they undergo a preservation procedure which leaves the florals supple as well as in their original shape. This special procedure replaces the sap of florals with a specific gel.

This technique preserves the natural look and texture of the blooms. Compared to dried florals, they are generally lighter. Particularly preserved flowers can not survive in heat, humidity, and sunlight. But with proper care, they can have an extended life span and surely can endure up to several years.

How Preserved Flowers Prove to be a Perfect Choice to Celebrate your Day ?

A good choice for every occasion

It is true, Preserved flowers are a good selection to offer on various occasions or events. Fresh flowers are definitely a way of expressing love. That is the reason people have shifted to an alternative where they can keep these blooming flowers forever with them through sustainability techniques. Take a look how the preserved florals can make the event significant.


Whether you want to enhance the beauty of your wedding or just add a touch of elegance, preserved flowers make a stunning option. After the wedding is over, they do need to be thrown away. Instead you can keep them as a remembrance


Well, as everyone grows up, the materialistic gifts are replaced by the flower bouquet. But the recipient wishes to keep the gift forever to cherish the love of their family and friends. So the preserved florals are the apt choice to fulfill this desire of the birthday person. Moreover, many florists offer unique options like preserved flower gift box which look elegant and are convenient to carry.


Just like other occasions, an anniversary holds great importance in the couple’s life. It reminds them of the day when they started their new love journey. Therefore to mark milestones every year, there is no better gift as a bouquet of preserved flowers. It symbolizes the long life commitment as themselves.

House warming

Well, express your happiness and good wishes to the friend on the purchase of a new house with preserved flowers. You can offer a flower bouquet or florals styled in a vase. Your friends will appreciate your gift as it will be used by them to decorate any corner or space of their house.

Environment friendly

Definitely, Preserved flowers are an eco-friendly alternative. In general , fresh flowers die very soon. So there is a huge rush to grow more flowers to be sold. Whereas, the flowers that are preserved can easily be kept for a very long duration. So the flower producers do not harm nature by using techniques to boost the growth.

Worth the money spent

Indeed, the preserved flowers are value for money. Once you make the investment, you can enjoy them for many months or years. Unlike the fresh flowers that live and give you happiness for limited days.

Can be reused

If you receive the preserved flowers bouquet on any occasion or gift them, it can be later used for many purposes. Significantly, you can create DIY or frame it . The most popular trend these days is by getting the flowers fitted in a photo frame. People also label it by writing down the event on which it was received and name by whom it is gifted.

A souvenir for lifetime

The gifts received on birthdays or any occasion from our loved one is always special. The flowers are a way of expressing love and care easily. So the preserved flowers can make your moment more special by offering the recipient the floral gift but the one that will stay by their side forever.

No efforts needed for their care

Significantly, these preserved flowers are not like the fresh cut florals that need 24/7 care to help survive for a few more days. The only care that these flowers need is as mentioned below:

  • No need to water them
  • Keep in a moderate place where there is not much moisture or very dry.
  • Keep away from direct sun rays in order to keep the color of the florals intact
  • Use a blow dryer from a distance to remove the dust on it.

Besides, there are no expensive or extra home remedies to apply on it to keep it breathing.

Add elegance to your home

Well, after the celebration is over you can give your house a beautiful and elegant look with preserved flowers. People especially get the flowers preserved to decorate the house based on a vintage theme. The modern houses where the furniture is set up with wooden work, the vase of preserved flowers will look beautiful.


Lastly, the preserved flowers are not only used as a gift that stays for years with the recipient. But, it also acts as an economical and eco friendly substitute. Nature is not harmed if people opt for preserved florals instead of fresh-cut. When any one pays for the fresh flowers, the receipt can not keep it for many days to cherish. Whereas, the preserved flowers are perfect to give because they do not die and serve many other purposes after the celebration is over. So your money spent on them never goes to waste

Hopefully, this article is helpful to know the interesting facts about the preserved flowers. It is a perfect pick to celebrate any special or usual days and can be reused for decoration purposes. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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