12 Unbelievable Benefits of kettlebell swings

The kettlebell is a beautiful device to be a part of your home. There’s so much you can accomplish with a kettlebell that could surprise you if you read everything in one go. But, we’re not discussing kettlebells and their benefits in general. Instead, this is a time to discuss the benefits of kettlebell swings. The swing is a specific exercise you could perform with your kettlebell. So, let’s jump right into the subject and discuss the help of the kettlebell swing!

Benefits of kettlebell swings

Boost cardio fitness

Why should you exercise for strength and cardio have to be separate, not work when you can combine both? Studies suggest that kettlebell swings can aid in improving your cardiovascular fitness. This is the way your body utilizes oxygen to enhance the heart rate and breath. A study conducted in 2010 of athletes who did 12 minutes of swings with kettlebells discovered that the exercise was more demanding in the heart and lungs than conventional circuit weight training. The researchers concluded that this type of kettlebell exercise can help improve fitness for cardiorespiratory exercise. Another study in 2012 found that participants who did kettlebell swings and the treadmill had comparable heart rates and ratings of perceived movement. Research conducted in 2014 also showed that swings with kettlebells produce an increased cardiovascular response compared to Tabata and conventional resistance training.

Develop muscle

New lean muscle mass who’s complaining? Kettlebells swings are a type of weightlifting that can help to increase your muscle mass. Similar to bars or dumbbell exercises, Kettlebell swings are aerobic exercise that uses lots of strength in a brief duration to boost your fitness. A small study from 2013 also showed that a 10-week kettlebell training program increased the strength and power of lifting weights and powerlifting.

Strengthen weak muscles

A desk job for long hours can make your hip flexors tighter as well as weaken your lower back. Also, if you’re doing weights, your workouts tend to concentrate on only the front part of your body, which could cause muscular imbalances. Kettlebell swings can relax your hips and build up weak posterior muscles, such as your glutes, hammiest and lower back.

Assistance with weight loss

If you’re going on a losing weight goal, kettlebell swings could aid you to lose the fat and creating muscles simultaneously. The people from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) believe that kettlebell exercises burn more calories than other exercises for strength training. According to the ACE’s research in 2010 that kettlebell exercises can generate 20.2 minutes of calories. This is similar to what most people will burn when running at a pace of 6 minutes per mile.

Develop functional strength

Kettlebell swings can strengthen the muscles that you utilize daily. In addition, holding the kettlebell handles while you swing it or other kettlebell exercises will help you improve your grip. Additionally, the swinging motion produces a functional movement pattern that mirrors bending downwards and lifting. Since you’re working for your muscle groups in the posterior, they’ll feel nice and fit for daily lifting and bends.

Relax your back

More research needs to be conducted before affirming that kettlebell swings can be a cure for back discomfort and back pain. However, the exercise can be a low-impact means to build the strength and flexibility of your back. According to a tiny study from 2012, the kettlebell swings could cause stress to the spinal column in the opposite direction to conventional lifts. This could be why certain people believe that kettlebell swings aid in improving back function and overall health. 2017 study on low and hip back pain thresholds revealed that people who exercised with kettlebells had less muscle sensitivity in this area. The results don’t show that exercise can reduce back pain. Still, the researchers suggested that it’s worth investigating how kettlebells can aid those suffering from lower back pain or muscle soreness following training.

Get your posture back in order

Suppose you want to swing a kettlebell correctly. In that case, you’ll need a good position throughout the entire exercise — and you can incorporate that to other activities and daily life. When you perform a properly executed kettlebell swing, you maintain your spine straight with your glutes and core activities and your pelvis in neutral. Instead of stressing the spine, this easy adjustment will help you build your body to work your core muscles and move your hips with a hinge (hello, Functional strength!) to achieve a great posture.

Convenient AF

Kettlebell swings don’t need the use of a gym membership or expensive equipment. It’s enough to keep a few kettlebells in your living space or your home fitness center. You can do kettlebell swings while watching television for the perfect quick cardiovascular and strength-training workout. There’s no treadmill, or massive home gym is required.

Enhance flexibility

We’re not telling you to not do the exercise regimen. Still, due to the posterior chain working kettlebells can aid in getting bendy.

The swinging motion and the thrusting of the hips used during kettlebell swings will expand your hips, stretch the spine, and build the muscles in your back to allow more flexibility.

Increase your balance

A good equilibrium isn’t only for ballerinas- it’s for everyone who wants to be careful not to trip over the soles of their feet. In a brief 2013 study 2013, the participants who trained with kettlebells at least twice per week for 8 weeks demonstrated gains in leg balance and dynamic.

A smaller 2020 study 2020 also revealed that ballerinas who took kettlebell exercises (including get-ups and swings) increased their jump speed and balance better than dancers who attended traditional balance and jump classes. It is vital to do more studies to find out the effectiveness of kettlebell swings to help balance. But, they can be helpful in the holding of those challenging yoga poses.

Improve the health of your heart

You’ve probably heard that cardio is beneficial to the health of your heart because of its ability to utilize oxygen and increase the heart’s rate. Since kettlebell exercises count as cardio, they can keep your heart healthy as well.

A tiny research study in 2021 found that exercise with kettlebells can also lower blood pressure. However, further research is needed in this area.

Flexible and easy to approach

Compared to other strength-training exercises, kettlebell exercises such as the swing could be more secure and versatile for all ages and skill levels. (Plus, they’re much more secure than lifting weights in case you’re new to fitness training.)

In a twenty-one-year study with 35 people (men and women aged between 59 and 79), researchers discovered that 17-pound kettlebells produced similar effects to deadlifts weighing 52 pounds. In the end, the authors suggest that swings with kettlebells could be an “easier and more convenient and more attractive” alternative.


If you finish reading this article you must be surprised, aren’t you? It is very natural. Because there are a lot of people who don’t know about the benefits of kettlebell swings. They do lots of workouts, but they ignore kettle swings. Are you one of them who go to the gym regularly but don’t touch kettlebells? If you’re, then forget everything. I hope after reading this article from tomorrow, you’ll also start kettlebell swings. 

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