4 Undoubtedly Best Tools To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

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Reviews and ratings have been quite a buzzing topic in our internet-driven world Best Tools.

Reviews in layman’s language are feedback and experience summed up in a few words. These reviews can be both positive and negative in their entirety.

Reviews are a reflection of how well the customer liked your product, service, or managerial services.

Website enthusiasts and marketers can add reviews to Squarespace websites. This process of embedding is too heavy on technical support. Still, with the coming of the new age and advanced social media aggregator tools, this process is now a cakewalk for website designers and developers.

But before we move forward in discussing the best social media aggregator tools that can be useful in embedding a review widget on the website, let us see the importance of reviews for your Squarespace websites.

Why is Reviews Important for Websites?

These below-mentioned points are the rationales as to why reviews are important and what impact they have on your website and visitors. Along with that, these reasons also would make the reader realize that to stand apart from there. Competitor’s website and they should consider embedding a review widget on website.

a). Provide social proof:

Reviews on your Squarespace website provide social proof. Social proof basically acts as a backing and validation new website visitors, and potential customers look for. Social proof on your website makes it more authentic on the internet stream.

b). Guarantee trust:

Ratings and reviews are the feedback and firsthand experiences of the existing users that generate and guarantee trust. This makes the website uphold the basic credibility standards that internet audiences want.

c). Improves website rankings:

When your website showcases genuine and considerate feedback and reviews, this will instantly attract and grasp the attention of visitors and potential customers, eventually improving your website’s SEO rankings. This will make your website more visible on the internet and increase its reach.

Now let’s look at some of the undoubtedly best tools that can be used to embed review widgets on a website.

2023 Amazing Tools To Add Review Widget On Squarespace Website:

We have handpicked some of the best and most amazing social media aggregator tools that can be used to add reviews on the Squarespace website. We urge our readers to go through all the tools and their brief descriptions to select the most suitable and appropriate tool;

#1. Tagembed:

First up is the very best and most prominent social media aggregator tool, i.e., Tagembed. This tool is specifically designed to cater to the user’s embedding needs. The tool is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Tagembed provides a dedicated review widget that can be altered and adjusted as per the user’s requirements.

The tool is coding-free, which means it doesn’t require the user to be pro-efficient in technology in order to access the tool and embed a review widget on the website.  Along with that, the tool also provides an equally efficient and affable after-sales and customer service team that assists the user at each step of embedding.

#2. Juicer:

The next social media aggregator tool on our list is Juicer. The tools enable the user to gather and collect the desired reviews from their preferred review platforms. The user also gets to alter and change the review widget’s shape, style, and font as per their liking. Moreover, the tool also lets the user add custom CSS and comes with a social media analytics dashboard which makes the accessibility and monitoring of the review widget easier.

#3. Elfsight:

One of the most diverse and functionally well tools is Elfsight. This tool is regarded for its quick and rapid functioning and customizing options it provides to the users.

The tool provides the user with banter of styling and designing options to enhance the look and feel of the review widget.

With this particular tool, you are able to add a ‘Write a review’ button on your Squarespace website. This makes your website unique and kickstarts a review chain for frequent website visitors.

#4. Flockler:

Last but not least, we have Flockler. This social media aggregator tool allows you to embed a review widget on the website seamlessly without hampering the performance and alignment of the webpage. Like the other mentioned tools, the user can also personalize the review widget according to their preferences. And the user can add multiple reviews and display them anywhere on the website.

In Essence:

Reviews have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Potential customers and leads prefer looking up genuine and authentic reviews before making a purchasing decision. Also, we have highlighted some of the other reasons that validate the impact and importance of the review widget on a website. The readers can make a suitable decision based on their decisions making powers from the above-mentioned tools list.

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