1. Hampta Pass Trek


The Hampta Pass is one of the most spectacular hikes in BEST TREKKING DESTINATIONS Himachal Pradesh. It offers flashy, barren mountains and strong, dry views of Lahaul, on one end and lush, flower-clad Kullu Valley on the other.


The 25-km-long tour may be carried out with fitness levels by beginning hikers. The rich nature is one of the major features of the tour that keeps the excitement high.


This walk is packed with rich scenery, ranging from lush, fragrant apple groves to deep oak and deodar woods, in which all nature lovers will enjoy to relax. Another feature of the Trek of Hampta Pass is the beautiful Shea Goru and Balu ka Ghera campings, surrounded by high-rise mountains, offering an astounding environment, with green spots, a clear stream.


Niveau of difficulty: Moderate


Length: 6 days


Maximum elevation: 14,065 feet



Bhrigu Lake Trek is one of the most beautiful grasslands tours in Himachal Pradesh. Located at a modest distance of about 20 kilometers from Manali.


The location has a significant influx of walkers because of its magnificent alpine meadows and its peaceful lake and is famous for the popular mythology of the fact Saint Maharishi Bhrigu once performed his meditation here.


The meadows here are like a tapestry with grazing sheep and wild horses adding to attractiveness to give you a sense akin to Switzerland.


The journey also provides unequalled views of the magnificent summits of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal, and the trekkers are also quite happy to walk along the Bhrigu Lake Trek.


Niveau of difficulty: Moderate


Length: 4 days.


High elevation: 14,009 feet




The Pin Parvati is one of the longest walking trails in Himachal with a length of around 110 km. This pass means over snow-capped views, rocks and undulating meadows serving as the bridge between the Spiti Valley and the Kullu valley. This location is located in a high altitude zone, and practically the whole year is frozen snow online shopping .


During the hike from the camp in the Pin valley to Wichkurung Thatch, you will find Pin Valley National Park and Great Himalayan Nationalized Park which are recognized around the globe for their respective snow leopards and Himalayan birds. The hike to the Himachal Mud’s largest pine valley continues.


The main appeal of the walk is the grandeur of the panorama, which is thanks to dense alpine forests, colorful wild flowers, waterfalls, and exuberant green spots.


The dramatic Pin Parvati Trek is a remarkable addition that it shines on the one hand the dry Spiti Valley and on the other the lush pine grove.


Niveau of difficulties: hard


Length: eight to nine days


Up to 17.450 feet of height


4. Lake Glacier Trek



The Lake Glacier Journey extends approximately 13 km and is noted for its bizarre landscapes. This trek is a long-weekend walk. This trip begins in Bhagsu-Nang and proceeds through the deodar, rhododendron and oak woods, down a steep track till Triund.


Once you reach the enormous Triund Top Alpine meadow, you will be welcomed by the beautiful views of the Dhauladhar mountains and the Kangra Valley.


Dharamshala’s latitudinal location offers the benefit of being so near to the snow. You reach the snowline on Laka Glacier during the summer just for 13 kilometers. This is one of the most beautiful and popular short-term hikes you can do.


The Triund Top Trek to Laka Glacier takes the walkers along the glacial Moraine to the point of view of the powerful Dhauladhar as they rise.


Level of difficulty: easy to mitigate


Length: 3 days


Up to 9.500 meters high.




Indrahar offers beautiful landscapes and a pass across the magnificent mountains of Dhauladhar. This walk starts at Dharamkot or Bhagsunag, and travels past the Golu Devta temple and thick deodar vegetation, and is climbing into enormous oak and rhododendron woodlands.


 The trekkers will continue along via the ancient Caves of Lahesh and the spectacular panoramic vistas of the Kangra Valley.


A multitude of meandering mountain rivers and beautiful snow bridges is another major sight that hikers may probably encounter while on the tour.


Due to the easy access to good campgrounds, Indrahar Pass Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most famous hiking spots for backpackers.


Niveau of difficulty: Moderate


Length: 4 days.


High elevation: 14.245 feet.

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