Care and maintenance for the roof to prevent major damages requires time and effort. It is important that roof inspections are done periodically and meticulously. Below are known 5 facts about roof leak repairs.

Telltale Signs You Need Roof Leak Repair


A roof is the least noticed, but the house’s most susceptible part when it comes to wind, sun, and rain. Unlike the rest of the house, roofs tend to be mostly unnoticed for the most part unless problems like leakage begin, that one begins to wonder about the health of their roof. 


When inspecting a roof, the things to look for are:

  1.   Broken or loose shingles
  2.   Jammed drain pipes
  3.   Accumulation of algae and other waste material on the roof
  4.   Mold growth
  5.   Checking for trees that are too close to the roof


A Naperville roofing inspection should be done before the rainy season starts off. This is so as to avoid any damage from being aggravated during the rains. The main thing about maintaining a roof is cleanup. Keeping the roof clean and making sure all signs of mold on the shingles are immediately cleaned up will ensure that the problem does not go unnoticed.


If the roof is slate, then most often people tend to patch any damage up with tar. That is the wrong thing to do as all it does is conceal the damage; instead it is best to replace the damaged shingles. 


The way to figure out which shingles need Naperville roofing replacement, you need to tap all of them and listen. The ones that are good will return a sharp sound while the ones that need replacement will sound heavy.


If you are in a place that is notorious for severe winters, then it is important to guard against ice formation on your roof. Before winter sets in you should clean the roof of any debris that has collected on the shingles. If debris is not removed, it can allow ice formations, and ice can crack the tiles. So make sure you clean the roof before the start of winter and that there is no debris on the rooftop.


Below the shingles is the flashing. When a leak starts to appear make sure you check the flashing under the shingles as well. It could just be that the flashing is worn out or damaged. The sheathing under the shingles also needs to be checked for damage by a Naperville roofing expert if you are dealing with leaks.


A roof is built to last anywhere between 75 and 100 years. Proper Naperville roofing

care will ensure it outlasts you. Just a little goes a long way, so make sure you create a roof inspection schedule and follow it.


Other Signs That Will Need Professional Roof Leak Repair Service

Most homeowners do not bother to maintain their roofs  unless of course the roof comes tumbling down. But to be honest, it is much easier to conduct professional service for Roofing in Joliet IL before the situation gets out of hand. 


To do that effectively, homeowners need to understand some of the tell-tale signs that indicate that a roof is in need of repair and maintenance. 

  • The first sign indicating that a roof needs to be repaired is a sagging roof deck. This is a clear sign that the structural stability of the roof has been compromised and as such roof repair should be effected immediately. 


They could range from normal wear and tear to natural calamities such as hurricanes or falling objects on the roof tops. But all in all, a sagging roof is a stern warning sign that maintenance of the status quo will not only be inconvenient, but also very dangerous for the occupants of the house.

  • A homeowner should look out for leaks and signs of water damage. This is not rocket science. During rainy seasons, a leaking roof will seep-in water, which can be felt or seen. Furthermore, dark spots on ceilings should be sufficient proof that you need to consult with an expert for Roofing in Joliet IL.

  • If you notice that light from outside the house is showing through the roof, you should have no doubt in your mind that your roof needs repair as soon as possible. By the time this happens, you should know that you have no roof, really, on your head. If you notice this during summer, you should contain the situation with speed because the house will not be habitable during the rainy season.


Contact an Expert for Roof Leaks & Other Repairs


There are some minor roof issues that are easily handled and can be done without professional assistance. However, no matter what type of roof repair you are trying to make, safety comes first. So relax, and always trust a licensed specialist for Roofing in Joliet IL to have your roofing system checked using the appropriate equipment.

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