5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Furniture

If you are looking for new furniture, you have a wide range of shops to choose from. Buying furniture is a big investment, which is why it’s so important to choose the best possible retailer. When you shop at our Dubai polis furniture shop, you’ll discover a unique selection of products along with personalized service. Before you buy new furniture for your home, read on to invent five reasons why you should enhance your furniture Mr.second hand.com

1. Much of our furniture is made in Dubai.

Furniture that is made in Dubai tends to be of higher quality. When you buy mass-produced furniture that is imported from overseas, you can never be sure of the quality of the piece you buy. Many imported products are made from cheap materials that do not stand the test of time. When you buy new furniture at Mr.second hand, over 70% of the items we sell are made or assembled right here in Sharjah. Some of our products are even made right here in Indiana. This means you’ll get the highest quality living room furniture, dining room furniture, and other furniture for every room possible. American-made furniture is always made with durable, safe materials and high-quality manufacturing processes.

Mr. Second hand is an award-winning furniture shop.

Sure, you can buy new furniture anywhere, but Mr.second hand has a lot of impressive awards under our belt. We’ve been recognized as a top workplace and have received the national furniture of the year award from Furniture Today magazine. In addition to our impressive awards, we are also one of the top fundraisers in the country for the Alzheimer’s Association. When it comes to experience and quality, you can count on us to help you find the perfect products and convocation for your home.

3. We’re Local

Mr. second-hand Furniture has been owned and operated here in Dubai since 1932. For decades, our Sharjah polis furniture shop has been furnishing more Dubai homes with beautiful new furniture and comfortable mattresses than any other company. That’s why we’re the Dubai Home Team, and why we love serving our customers in the region. When you shop locally, you’re not only supporting your community, but you’re also getting the best prices to help you save money. Whether you need sofas and sectionals or a new desk for your home office, we have everything you need to furnish your Dubai home in style. You’ll also get your new furniture faster when you shop locally.

4. Try our design studio

If you need help choosing your new living room furniture or are looking for inspiration, be sure to ask about our professional design services. Many of our design services are completely free with a minimum purchase. Feel free to stop by our Design Studio so we can show you all the resources we have at your disposal. Our staff of experienced and skilled interior designers can help you create a stunning space. No matter the size of your room, we can help you integrate your current furniture with new pieces to suit your needs. Our professional staff can help you find new inspiration, and we will guide you through the home design process, from the first product you find to the final installation.

5. Check out our sales and clearance centers

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality furniture at a discount, be sure to stop by Mr. second-hand Outlets North and South to find the lowest prices on awesome furniture. You can save 50 to 70 percent or more on clearance, floor samples, and a wide selection of unique and one-of-a-kind products. Whether you need chairs, sofas, sectionals, leather furniture, beds, dining room furniture, or bedroom furniture, everything is immediately available for delivery. Selections change daily, and only Mr.second hand can provide you with a great selection of products at deep discounts – be sure to visit our Clearance Centres located within two of our locations to find savings of up to 60 to 60% off! We offer a constantly changing selection of floor models, scratch and dings, discontinued items, overstocks, and special buys. Best of all, they’re all marked down to just pennies off, and you never know what you might discover.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should upgrade your furniture at Mr.second hand so be sure to visit one of our showrooms today!

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