5 Steps to Follow if You are Starting PTE Preparation from Scratch

If you have chosen to study in Australia, you got to take an English language proficiency test, and there’s nothing better than Pearson Test of English. In fact, most of the students seeking to study in Australia now choose PTE over IELTS (or any other test for that matter). At our PTE training classes in Melbourne, we often tell the students the benefits of taking PTE over IELTS, and most of them concur.

We have provided PTE coaching to thousands of students now, and most of the students are first-time takers of PTE. Over a period of time, we have identified a few steps that every PTE student must take in order to get desired score in their PTE exam, especially if they’ve started preparing for PTE from scratch.

Here are some of the points that may prove to be extremely helpful for first-time PTE takers.

Research Over Internet

Doing some basic research over the internet about PTE exam will give you a fair idea about the format, price, and benefits of the test. Similar to IELTS or any other English language proficiency test, PTE also gauges the candidates on four different fronts, i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are tons and tons of videos and articles over the internet that provide detailed information on all the four modules of PTE.

One needs to understand the format of different modules before trying to attempt it. Once you know the format of the test well, it becomes easier for you to understand it in a better way.

Enroll in a PTE Coaching Institute

Another very important step is to enroll in a PTE tutorial institute in/around your area. This step cannot be bypassed. The PTE coaching institute must be chosen wisely, for this decision can make or break the entire game.

Facebook and Google Reviews can help a great deal in finding the best PTE tutorial in the area. Go through all the reviews and feedbacks thoroughly and it will be easier for you to choose the best  PTE tutorial   around you.

Don’t hold back if you need to shift to a nearby city to take PTE coaching; it will be worth the effort.

Practice Mock Tests

Once you’ve enrolled in the PTE coaching institute of your choice, the next step is to get into the groove and start going through classes.

Mock tests are the students’ best friends and you must practice as many as possible. Almost all the PTE coaching institutes provide free mock tests to the enrolled students.

Remember, the more you practice, the better you get at every module of the test. Once you engage with peer group and start asking logical questions, you’ll see your performance improving over time.

Work on Strengths and Weaknesses

Once into the coaching, you’ll find yourself weaker and/or stronger in certain areas of English. PTE teachers often identify the weaker areas and start focusing towards its improvement; however, in such a process, one may end up ignoring the strengths altogether.

It is highly suggested to work equally on strengths and weaknesses, as it improves the weaker areas and polishes the stronger ones.

Stay Motivated Throughout

Not all the candidates achieve their desired score in the first attempt. It’s a journey where one learns at every step and with every failure.

Being motivated throughout the process of PTE coaching will help get through the journey easily; however, nothing guarantees success. Therefore, if you are not able to get your desired PTE score in the first attempt, do not lose heart. Start again, for in the second attempt, you won’t start from scratch, but with experience.

Stay motivated and keep going!

The above steps are a tried and test way to get the best possible outcome if you are starting PTE preparation from scratch. Stick to basics, fit into the groove and you’ll sail through it.

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