Be Aware Of Some Important Points Before Applying For Graduate Visa 485

Australia is a preferred destination for many students to pursue a degree. You need a visa to continue your studies and stay in the country. You can apply for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485. If you wish to apply for a graduate visa 485, you will need to know about certain crucial facts. So, read this post to know more about applying for this visa.

Basic Eligibility Criteria For Visa Subclass 485

To apply for the graduate visa subclass 485, you need to be below 50 years. On the other hand, the minimum age is 18 years. You also need to hold an eligible visa at the time of filing the application. 

You must hold a degree from any CRICOS registered course. Additionally, you need to meet the other requirements of the two visa streams. You can talk to a trusted visa agent in Adelaide to know more about the requirements. 

Two Streams Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485

The visa subclass 485 has two streams. You should know more about the two streams to determine which stream you should apply for. 

Graduate Work Stream

You need to recently graduated from a course to apply for this visa stream. Moreover, the course needs to be related to an occupation that has a skill shortage in the country. The visa will allow students to study, work and live within Australian territory. 

Students can stay for up to 18 months with this visa. The qualification of the student must be related to any occupation on the list of skilled occupations. Students can also bring their family members with this visa. It can take up to 4 months to get the visa application processed. 

Post-study Work Stream

The visa stream is for students who graduated from an Australian institution. But the degree needs to be from a course registered under CRICOS. The post-study work stream visa allows students to stay and work for 2 to 4 years in Australia. 

Your time limit to stay in Australia will depend on your qualification. In the case of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the length of stay is two years. A research-based master’s degree program enables a student to stay for three years. 

It is possible to stay for four years if you have a PhD. Your family members can accompany you if they want to. However, an applicant must remember that the processing time is around four months.

English Requirements For Visa Subclass 485

You need to provide evidence of English qualifications to apply for graduate visa 485. You can take the IELTS to show your proficiency in the English language. You have to achieve a total score of 6 on the test to become eligible. 

It is also possible to appear for equivalent examinations. Some other common English proficiency language tests include TOEFL iBT, OET and PTE Academic. The minimum score requirements in each test are different. If you think you will not be able to obtain the minimum score, you can make adequate preparations. 

Overseas Student Health Cover Requirements

While making your application for graduate visa 485, you need to be covered under the OSHC scheme. But if you hold a student visa at the time of the application, you will already meet the requirement. You only need to attach evidence of the existing OSHC. 

But you have to get health insurance at some point during the processing of your 485 visa application. Otherwise, your temporary graduate visa 485 will not get finalised. The Department Of Home Affairs will get in touch with you to collect the evidence. 

The Depart of Home Affairs will ensure that you comply with the 485 visa requirements before issuing the visa. You need to remember that the OSHC policy will expire if your student visa expires during the processing period. You must get new health insurance before the expiry of your visa and OSHC policy.

It is crucial for you to verify the minimum level of health insurance requirements. After the grant of your visa application, you need to maintain the requirements of your health insurance. Otherwise, your stay in the country might be affected. 

Health And Character Checks

The applicant of the visa also needs to undergo health and character checks. The applicant might need to undergo health checks to ensure that they are not a harm to the citizens of the country. The character requirements involve police verification.

Fees And Processing Time

The estimated cost of visa subclass 485 is around AUD 1,500. You might have to bear some additional expenses, such as obtaining a health certificate. If you hire an immigration agent in Adelaide, you will have to pay separately. 

The visa application’s processing time depends on the stream you choose. Moreover, it will also be considered if the occupation related to your course has a skill shortage. Often, it takes eight to eleven months for the visa application to get processed.

Family Members

Any holder of the graduate visa subclass 485 has the eligibility to bring their family members to the country. You can add your partner to the visa application. You might need to provide proof of a relationship. 

It is also possible to bring your or your partner’s dependent offspring. You can also bring any dependent relative of yours or your partner. However, any dependent above the age of 16 years will have to undergo police verification. The accompanying family members can also work and live in Australia while the visa is valid.

2 Year Study Requirements

Another requirement for the temporary visa 458 is a qualification in an Australian course of 2 years or more. Applicants need to have a recognized degree, trade qualification or diploma. It can be a PhD, master’s or bachelor’s from any educational institution in the country. 

The course needs to fall under the category of Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. The qualification needs to be received within the six months leading to the completion of the application.

The course is supposed to be spread across a minimum of 92 weeks of study time. Furthermore, the course needs to take place for a minimum of 16 months. Another critical criterion is that the course needs to be taught in the English language. Lastly, the student needs to possess a valid student visa during the time of their study. 

How Can A Migration Agent Help You?

A migration agent Adelaide will ensure that you meet all the criteria for visa subclass 485. They will help you provide all the documents on time to the authorities. Sometimes failing to provide the right documents can lead to your visa application getting rejected. 

The processing time of the visa application automatically increases because of failing to provide adequate documents. But a migration agent will know the strategies to reduce your application processing time. It is always prudent to hire a migration agent to get help with your visa application. 

However, you need to find a trustworthy agent. You must check the reputation and experience of the migration agent before hiring them. 

Final Thoughts

The visa subclass 485 allows the holder to move in and out of Australia as long as the visa is valid. Read all the requirements of the visa and sit down to make your application now. 

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