Benefits and Uses of Custom Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

f you plan to get cut vinyl stickers and wonder whether it is a worthy expenditure, you may have come to the right place. We take you through what vinyl is and why they are so popular, and with the buzz around custom die-cut stickers, Australia, do they make an actual difference.

What does vinyl mean?

Vinyl is simply Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) made chemically by a man by combining chloride and ethylene, both the reactants naturally found in regular salt and crude oil, respectively, and form a kind of plastic resin.

The plastic resin is turned usable with a compounding procedure, where additional modifying compounds are added to make them either rigid or flexible. Using vinyl as the material of choice, you can get durable stickers, labels & decals.

Difference between the Vinyl stickers, labels and decals

Vinyl Sticker: It consists of two layers made of a decorative layer and the paper which covers it. The front of the decorative layer has the design while its backside is adhesive.

Vinyl Labels: The labels are stickers but informative with descriptions/information. It is used chiefly for name tags, packaging & shipping labels, & more.

Vinyl Decals: They are a type of sticker that are decorative and transferrable from one surface to another.

The advantages and uses of vinyl sticker are extensive, and vinyl cut stickers, Melbourne, is a significant hit just like it is worldwide. Here we explore how the two types of vinyl sticker with their die-cut sticker printing or kiss-cut vinyl sticker printing has exploded over the years and why it is still as popular now and growing in popularity as ever.

Types of Cut Vinyl Stickers:

Die-cut Vinyl Sticker: The stickers are created using a technique that even cuts the backing paper and leaves no extra backing around the cut vinyl sticker.

Kiss-cut Vinyl Sticker: The kiss-cut vinyl sticker have an extra backing around them, as this technique cuts the vinyl sticker so that it doesn’t cut the backing paper.

Both die-cut vinyl and kiss-cut vinyl sticker are great options to choose from, and it comes down to your preferences. Both offer an excellent way to help you stand out with a unique brand outlook with the vinyl printed stickers.

Now that we have covered the significant aspects of cut vinyl sticker, let’s jump into the advantages of vinyl sticker.

The Advantages of Cut Vinyl Stickers.


As vinyl is made of recyclable plastic and depends less on natural resources during the process, it already stands out as one of the best environmentally-friendly materials. It releases lower emissions of harmful chemicals called volatile organized compounds (VOC) into the environment.


As the cut vinyl stickers are easy and fast to apply (while the vinyl material production itself is an affordable affair), one can easily take up a DIY (Do It Yourself) project and avoid labor costs compared to using paint for your storefront. And at the same time, get professional-looking storefront branding.

Easy and Fast Application:

Cut vinyl sticker, either designs or lettering, are an excellent option for your storefronts as it gives a highly proficient outlook. Hence marketing your product or brand with cut vinyl is growing and has become one of the leading options for advertising.

Wide Variety of Options:

The options to choose from for cut vinyl sticker are immense. With a wide range of options, including fluorescent (neon yellow, orange, green or red) or metallic (silver/gold shiny finish) vinyl sticker, clear stickers that blend efficiently with the background, or high tack stickers that are durable, you can choose as per your project requirements.

Long-Lasting and Accurate:

Vinyl is weather-resistant with properties, including moisture & humidity-resistant, along with water-proof and UV-ink, makes cut vinyl sticker, labels and decals highly durable and provides a longer lifespan for things made from this material. Hence it also produces fewer wastages to recycle.

Incredible Versatility:

With the versatile material that vinyl is, the cut vinyl sticker through vinyl sticker printing, Melbourne company like us, you get impactful stickers that one can use for the outdoors or indoors, from businesses, households, signs to food labels and more.

Many Shapes and Sizes:

The cut vinyl stickers come in many shapes and sizes due to their versatility; they can be solid and transparent, and thus it increases the use of cut vinyl in the making of carton boxes, window decals and more. The options to put it to use are uncountable.

From the above list of advantages of using cut vinyl sticker for your products, it is understandable why they are so popular and find innumerable uses.

Uses of Cut Vinyl Stickers

Products Vinyl Stickering

If you do not want to risk scratches on your product with digital printing and need a durable option to put your logo on goods, cut vinyl sticker printing is your right choice.

Cut Vinyl Stickers for Promotional Purposes

Instead of giving away flyers in an event, try giving custom stickers Australia with your logo on them; the amount of traction and long-lasting reminder it creates impacts your business in the long run.

Mobile Advertising with Cut Vinyl Stickers

Do you own a cab service and want to stand out effectively with your brand name? Cut vinyl sticker are highly suitable for achieving mobile advertising. If you are looking to advertise your business through a fleet of vehicles, then cut vinyl sticker are the perfect choice to display your address, phone number, or designs with specialized viny cuts.

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