Best Kodi Sports Addon for 2021

If you’re a huge fan of sports, this post will talk about a few free Kodi addons to let you stream various sports such as Soccer, NFL, WWE, Hockey, NHL, etc. 

Kodi is one of the popular live sports streaming platforms that allows users to enjoy live sports matches while being at your home or travelling. It has gained so much popularity over the last few years that Kodi addons are continuously improving and updating all the time. 

Some of the best Kodi addons are listed below. If you’re looking for the Kodi addon for any reason or want to install the new one for a better experience, choose either of these. The only key point that you need to keep in mind with all Kodi addons is to be connected with the fastest and secure VPN for privacy and high security along with high speed. 

Leading Kodi Addons for 2021 | Enjoy Live Streaming For Free

Only the sports lovers know the guilt of missing out the single action or highlight of the match made by their favorite sports person. Kodi addons help sports lovers to watch every highlight of the match, live sports, and records on the go. Let’s discuss the Kodi addons with no further delay. 


This is the king of Kodi addons. If you’re a true sports fan, SportsDevil is what you should install on your device now. SportsDevil is more than just an addon for Kodi, as it acts as a search engine. If you know how to install SportsDevil Kodi Addon, you can watch all types of sports with live or on-demand options. You may or may not rely on other Kodi addons, but SportsDevil is one of the oldest, reliable, and easy-to-use Kodi addons. 

Sports HD 

As the name suggests, Sports HD is the high-definition Kodi add-on. It pulls streams from and from various other websites to broadcast live streaming on the platform. Its main menu includes live spots, events, and best leagues. Sports HD is a reliable platform and usually scheduled upcoming live events. You can access better-categorized content through the help of a search bar. We can bet, Sports HD will give you an improved experience of live sports streaming. 


TvTap is the dedicated Kodi addon as it is an Android app that supports almost all sports channels for free. The best thing about this Kodi addon is it is easy to use. There is a well-organized list of the categories such as Documentaries, News, Sports, Entertainment, and more. Another important thing that makes it the most popular Kodi addon among the users is that the sports channels are organised into countries according to the alphabet, making it easy to access the channel you’re interested in. 


Apex is the foremost choice for the Kodi addon because of the genuine reason. It is an all-in-one Kodi addon that offers Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Kids Content, and sports, etc. It mainly focuses on American Sports and the games it includes are PPV Live events, NBA Live, MLB Live, NHL Live, Football Live, NFL Live, NCAA Basketball Live, and WWE/Smackdown Live, and many others. 

The Loop

The Loop is another Best Kodi addon on the list. This Kodi addon links to various websites and offers Live and on-demand content from TV services in the UK, US, and Canada. It currently supports CBC regionals, Fan Zone, Game Zone Replay, NBC Sports Regionals, Golf 24/7, Test Zone, etc. 

This is perhaps the best Kodi Addon working with the popular Sports Channels and content. You should install this Kodi addon now for live sports streaming.

Fight Club

As the name suggests, Fight Club is the action-dedicated Kodi add-on that offers on-demand action sports from almost all wrestling competitions. The best part about the Fight Club Kodi addon is everything on the platform is arranged neatly which makes navigation easy. If you’re a WWE or UFC fan, this Kodi addon should definitely be installed. 

Sports Zig

SportsZig is one of the most comprehensive Kodi add-ons from the Cy4Root repo. Instead of offering direct links for the sports events, this add-on offers multiple scrappers. When you open the app, you will find different categories such as SportsDevil, SportsTube, TAP Sports, etc. 

You just need to learn how to install Sports Zig and everything will be available on your screen soon. 

Kodi addons come and go, it is quite hard to find which is the reliable app. This post consists of a few trustworthy Kodi addons that you can install carefree. Install now and enjoy your favorite sports live. 

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