Best Ways to Boost ROI on Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content Marketing is supposed to bring a higher return on your investment when you do it the right way. But to make the most of your content investment. You need to work on creating an effective strategy that actually works to boost your business revenue. Here are a few ways you can implement to boost return on investment on your content marketing efforts.

Develop Clear Audience Personas

Your audience profiles are one of the most important tools you can use when creating great content. How do your customers buy, and who are you marketing to? Is your content geared towards young shoppers who frequently shop online? Or, do you write for Gen X, who usually come to Facebook for shopping? Or are you a professional mobile app development company in Dallas that targets entrepreneurs and business tycoons? Use a whole lot of your clients’ information to develop a user persona. Define the age, gender, living situation, occupation, marital status, household income, hobbies, and qualities of your targeted audience.

Define the Customer Path

You should carefully map out a customer’s journey from customers’ first contact to the final purchase. There may not be as much simplicity as you’d like here. This may involve going from your email to your social media accounts before landing back at your website. In order to keep the consumer moving toward a final purchase, you need to consider every touchpoint and optimize them as best you can.

Consider the path of the retail shopper who starts searching on Google and land on an e-shopping review website. They might come across your business profile on the review site. From this point, they might jump on to some of your social media accounts before finally making it to your web page. Alternatively, they may shop for your products from a third-party store while you earn the profits. There are different paths shoppers can come to your store or purchase from you. Your content can be more customized to improve your final ROI if you can map your customer’s journey.

Identify Your Core Metrics

Knowing your most important metrics is crucial, at Appverticals first thing we do is identifying core metrics first. When you are selling, it is obvious that using sales metrics is useful, but you will also need to track and optimize traffic and qualified leads.

Your ROI will increase if you understand that all traffic is not the same and you have a targeted audience. You can better understand your targeted audience, boost sales generation tactics and convert more customers by determining where your most converted traffic is coming from.

Experiment and Analyze

In order to figure out which of your channels is the right one, you should experiment with many different channels and campaigns including:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Digital Advertisements
  • SMS
  • Content Marketing

Discount Codes

Using discount codes is a good way to compel potential customers to take action, which would be the call to action. It is possible to track which marketing channels are more effective than others.

If you use an ad to advertise your coupon codes, make sure the landing pages are optimized and high quality. It’s important that whatever you are promoting in your ad is displayed immediately upon landing on your page instead of requiring the user to search for it.

If you use different coupon codes for different channels, you’ll be able to track which one performs best. You can use Google Analytics to analyze the data coming from different sources.


In order to keep up with the times, you need to automate. By automating procedures, you can maximize your efficiency and maximize your ROI. Automating emails with email auto-responder programs have the capability to send email sequences at specified intervals.

You can also automate social media posts using automation tools. Among the most popular choices are Buffer and Hootsuite, which you can use without requiring to invest multiple hours every day.

Relevant Topics

It is important to select what you want to write about once you have decided to publish quality content on your preferred platforms.

Random topics will not do the job. High-volume, highly competitive keywords will not either.

The best ROI is achieved by focusing on topics that are relevant to the interests and needs of your audience. You can also use low-competition keywords that you can dominate in the SERPs.

The understanding of your target audience will enable you to get insight into useful, relevant topics tied to your industry keywords. Similarly, you can use Answer the Public to find relevant questions asked by users around the targeted keyword.

Your first step should be to brainstorm broad topics related to your industry, products, or services. Make sure these topics are helpful or will improve the lives of your prospects.

Use keyword research tools to discover the level of competition for different terms and whether or not you can rank for them. Some useful keyword tools are:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Tool
  • KW Finder
  • Word Tracker

These are some useful ways you can find relevant keywords on topics you like to write. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to think like your target reader and what could be looking for to improve their lifestyles.

Final Thoughts

There is no exact way to gain more profits from your content marketing efforts. You should rather focus on actionable steps that work for your business. All of the ways mentioned above play a significant role in determining a path to enhanced revenue. Things are interconnected, and each part is important. Utilize this information to the best of your interest!

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