Best Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Printer

With all the moving parts and possibilities for jammed paper It’s not surprising that some printers last
as long they do.In particular, when you consider that the majority of support professionals have a
very limited time fixing printers. This is a shame, as expensive repair costs can pile up quickly and
replacing printers ahead of they’re fully charged is a costly task. Although supporting printers isn’t
elegant, a bit of effort can extend the lifespan of your printer. Follow these guidelines for every kind
of printer that you can support.
Use high-quality labels
If a printer is being used to create labels, make sure you provide it with quality label stock. This is
more crucial than using high-quality paper since inexpensive labels could destroy printer
components including plates or fusers. When low-quality labels are passed through a fuser or the
roller, they could fall off the backing paper and get attached to the object they come into contact with.
This causes havoc for parts of printers because you need to remove them off which may be a
daunting task and then you’re forced to replace the component. If fusers are involved that are
damaged, the price of repair could be hundreds of dollars. The best labels, on contrary, don’t fall off
as easily, which means you’ll be able to use them with less risk of damaging the printer.any other
issues contact printer repair in dubai.
Replace worn-out and old rollers
Worn feed rollers can be another reason for paper jams. If the rollers are close to the end of their
service they’ll develop a glazed or slippery surface that allows the paper slide off. This may prevent
papers from getting picked up by the tray, or result in the paper feeding improperly in the paper
route. For laser printers the rollers generally have a life span that’s as long as the maintenance kit for
the printer’s. So, if you replace the rollers as you upgrade maintenance equipment, you won’t
encounter any issues in the case of feed rollers. In contrast, DeskJet and other types of printers do
not typically require a tune-up, as laser printers, which means it’s not necessary to replace the feed
rollers regularly. In most cases manufacturers will offer an option to roughen the surface of the roller
so that it is able to take paper back. The kits consist of a robust Scotch-brite mat and an application
that will cause that the roller feeding it to go against the pad, ensuring that its surface can be
roughed. If the printer’s manufacturer does not provide such a kit it is possible to make the task
yourself using a the use of a small file. If so, make sure to smooth the surface of the roller in a
uniform manner.
Clean the insides of the printing device
As easy as it might be an important ways to prevent maintenance you could do is to make sure that
the insides of your printer as clean as you can. It’s quite easy when you search for dust and other
materials every time you open your printer. At least once per month or more frequently in the event
that your users print frequently make use of a can that is compressed to blast dust and other debris
from the printer.
It is possible to save ink by altering your printer’s settings. You can, for instance, change the quality
of your print.
You might want to consider making use of “Fast Normal” or “Draft Mode” If you’re printing an item for

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