Breaking Down Essential Features of Docutap EMR Software

Docutap EMR – An Overview

Docutap is a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) with integrated practice management and revenue cycle management solutions. It is primarily intended for usage in urgent care settings and is exceptionally tablet-compatible; however, you may also modify it for primary care, pediatrics, and workers’ compensation visits.

The EMR has features such as an easy-to-follow workflow that healthcare providers may quickly learn. You can lock templates to ensure consistency across the practice. The program includes an easy-to-use charting tool that allows numerous staff members to document facilitating care across departments simultaneously on the same chart.

The software includes practice management features such as online patient check-ins, real-time insurance verification, and simple customer receipts. A patient portal also encourages patients to participate in their care and a reporting feature that enables clinic trends to be quickly discovered and changed. In addition, an expert advisor will assist in the financial management of urgent care practices.

Docutap EMR – Top Features

Docutap EMR, which is simple to use and customize, intends to assist healthcare companies and clinics increase revenue and adapt to paperless processes. In addition, the EMR/PM program has capabilities that assist users in managing patient data, insurance paperwork, and other registration information. The Docutap EMR pricing covers all these features.

Have a look at the top features!

Streamlined Documentation

Docutap provides documentation assistance, allowing you to focus on the type of care and service you need to deliver to your patients. You may also customize the EMR/PM software to handle acute care, primary care, pediatrics, or occupational health.

Additionally, the software allows you to set and lock templates to align them with the standard of care within the business or across the groups, promoting consistency.

Customizable SOAP Note Templates

You may encounter a variety of patients in an urgent care setting. However, the majority of patients you may face have typical complaints. Docutap EMR has configurable urgent care SOAP notes templates for quick and easy charting.

Their templates, on the other hand, also assist with some of the most severe patient cases. The customizable templates are intended to assist you in dealing with a wide range of patients. You can view the templates library during the Docutap EMR demo.

Patient Intake Forms

On average, urgent care clinics see a high volume of patients. Docutap EMR includes electronic bubble sheets for patient intake forms to help prevent crowding and reduce patient wait time. However, this function is genuinely helpful because you can link patient intake forms to your notes, digitally verify the patient’s insurance information, and track the patient’s wait time. Thus, this tool is handy for ensuring quality assurance in urgent care settings.

Electronic Prescription

Docutap EMR enables you to provide your patients with e-prescriptions and send a copy to their preferred pharmacy. This feature also assists in limiting the number of people who come in simply to get a refill. It will be easier to manage patients if there are fewer of them. Similarly, it makes it easy for your patients, especially those who find it challenging to come into the practice physically. The Docutap EMR demo provides an overview of the e-prescription feature.

Business Analytics Tool

Docutap’s business intelligence and analytics are excellent features. With this functionality, you can make better decisions as the program gives real-time facts and information regarding clinical operations and financial activities. This tool also allows you to quickly identify financial and clinical patterns, such as door-to-door timeframes, percentage of co-pays, insurance collected, and more.

Docutap’s reporting and the benchmarking tool allow you to produce reports utilizing drag-and-drop capability. As a result, you can get the exact data you require to staff your clinics, spot outliers in performance appropriately, and estimate the profitability of the services using this technology.

Additional Advantages of Docutap EMR Software

Ease of Access

The electronic health record system has been developed to be tablet-compatible. As a result, you may quickly access Docutap from desktop computers, laptop computers, or tablets. The Docutap EMR is beneficial as it allows you to travel from one patient room to another without logging in to specific machines.

Rapid Patient Charting

Charting is a time-consuming and frequently challenging task. However, with Docutap EMR’s highly interactive user interface and a pre-built SOAP notes template for urgent care, charting can be made more accessible.

Increased Efficiency

Monitoring each patient’s waiting time and the total time of the appointment allows you to measure clinical performance. You can also use Docutap EMR’s vast library of standard reports for quick reporting and decision making. Docutap EMR makes it simple to assess your practice’s success and individual employee productivity.

Docutap EMR Pricing

Unfortunately, Docutap EMR pricing is not available publicly. Instead, you have to contact the vendor via Docutap’s official website, and a company representative will shortly contact you to offer a quote.

What Do Users Say About Docutap EMR Software?


  • Docutap is a very user-friendly and well-organized EMR system.
  • Docutap’s simplistic layout is quite appealing and aids much in navigating the software.
  • It is simple to teach new users without the need for additional client support training.
  • Charting is simple and may be accessible quickly on a variety of patients using Docutap.
  • Without a doubt, this program is built explicitly for urgent care to fulfill the practice’s individual needs.


  • Every time the system is updated, it creates additional flaws. For example, the system becomes slower, and performing simple activities requires numerous extra clicks.
  • Scanning becomes a challenge when multiple users access the system simultaneously.

Our Final Thoughts About Docutap EMR Software

Docutap specializes in saving time to achieve more efficient results. It is more than simply a medical solution; it aims to manage patients efficiently and improve their satisfaction by using robust technology. In addition, the software focuses on shortening the period between check-ups to increase profitability and utility.

We recommend scheduling a Docutap EMR demo to get a clear image of the software in a real-time setting. Moreover, Docutap EMR reviews can also help you make an educated decision.

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