Differences between sterling silver and 925 silver

For many people, silver accessories are the best option, and taking into account the benefits of this material, it is pretty logical. However, doubts such as the difference between sterling silver and .925 silver are widespread. That is why we have created this content to show you the characteristics of both types of materials.

What are sterling silver and 925 silver?

Starting with 925 sterling silver, you should know that it is a material that maintains 92.5% silver, and the rest contains other materials. Although, it is common for it to be combined with copper. It is a very versatile and safe material.

While sterling silver, also called “sterling silver,” is a material that has 92.5% pure silver alloy, and the remaining 7.5% is combined with another type of metal. You should know that sterling silver and 925 silver are precisely the same material according to the above.

What are the benefits of 925 silver?

We have told you that sterling silver is the same as 925 silver; we will notify you of the advantages of having accessories made of this material. Well, there is a lot of variety of designs of 925 silver rings, as well as there, are precious chains and charms made with the best of this material.

They do not cause allergies.

Silver earrings and chains are widely used as accessories for children and babies. Why? It is because, unlike other materials, they do not cause allergies or irritate the skin. And, in the case of babies whose skin is sensitive, this benefit is more than necessary.

It is important to note that a 925 silver chain limits against allergies and naturally fights fungi and viruses.

Strong and durable material

When we have new accessories, what we want most is that they last us forever. But is this possible? Although sterling silver supplements are highly recommended for durability, everything will depend on the maintenance and curing applied to this accessory.

However, it is not a material that is not very resistant or capable of being damaged by prolonged use. So, if you have 925 sterling silver in your jewelry at home, you should know that they will last a long time.

Variety of designs

Sterling silver or 925 silver represents elegance, comfort and reflects good taste. Therefore, if you have your collection of accessories of this type, you should know that you will have exclusivity.

And, one of the advantages of this type of material is the variety of clothing available on the market. You can find designs for ladies, gentlemen, and the little ones in the house.

How do you know if sterling silver is genuine?

Unfortunately, many sellers pass off fancy accessories as 925 sterling silver. To avoid being scammed in this regard, we will reveal a trick. Just add a few drops of nitric acid to your silver garments. If it maintains the same tonality and you do not perceive changes in the material, it is 100% real; if the opposite is the case, it is fantasy.

Finally, we invite you to look at the models of silver chains and various jewelry for you. We offer you quality at fair prices.

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