What is a manpower services company?

Simply speaking a manpower services company is a company you can hire to provide you with the manpower whenever needed.  Now, this manpower hiring can be permanent or even temporary.  The manpower services company bridges the gap between prospective jobseekers and prospective companies bringing them together easily and efficiently. DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd is a manpower services company and some people also refer to us as a staffing solution company. We are at our core a facility management company with excellent B2B solutions for all your company needs including one of India’s best manpower and staffing solutions.

How can you start your own manpower services company?

  • MARKET RESEARCH – Market research, while starting a manpower services company is immense and requires you to have excellent knowledge about the market you want to choose. One of the most important things is for you to choose a market that you are comfortable with and know about because unlike DMM, you may lack decades of market experience across industries. The market research also includes knowledge about the demand for jobs in these markets and that is the primary statistical knowledge that you must have regarding market research.
  • CLIENT REACHOUT – There are two inputs to the equation of a manpower services company, one being an adequate database so that your clients can have a selection while having the manpower and the other is to have client contacts so that you can actually deliver this potential manpower to prospective clients as a service. Client building is paramount to this business and you can build clients through networking and this can be by scouring websites and building relationships as well as through offline networking wherein you simply need to get out the word that you are a reliable manpower services company in India and that everyone looking to hire manpower can trust you.
  • DATABASE BUILDING – A manpower services company is primarily a database of jobseeking employees for companies to choose from and that is why you must have a database with numerous employees carrying numerous skill sets of that industry so that your client can have the choice when they want to hire your services.  That is why you have to reach out to job seekers and slowly build up a database around them and this is the most difficult aspect of starting a manpower services company.

How do you build a jobseekers database?

  • Online Advertisement – The manpower services industry is an industry that requires a lot of market vocalisation. You need to be e vocal in the market to make an impression and one of the best ways to do this is to do online advertisements that can range from simple pictures to full-length videos showcasing your ability as a manpower services company.  The only catch to this is that you will need to spend quite a bit of capital in order to reach out to our national audience.
  • Offline outreach – Offline outreach for job seekers databases can be made through a lot of portals.  You can start outreaching offline by going to various educational institutes and pairing up with them so that the data of pass out students who have just done their graduation can be added to your database, this is fairly easy to do as this is not going to harm anyone and the institute will also be more than glad to help you.  The other offline ways are quite similar in where you have to target places of skill development so that there are young people who can register to your service and get a job for their skill.  You can also go the traditional route by placing hoardings and other offline advertisements.

These were a few tips on how to start a manpower services company in India and if these tips seem difficult, it is because they are but you should not lose hope.

Speaking of hope, if you are someone who is hoping for reliable manpower both temporally and permanently but lack the time or resources to have a full-fledged recruitment and screening process and hiring department, then we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd are the perfect option for you because we have one of the best manpower service provider in India where you can hire pre-screened and reliable employees for your business and company.

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