Dramacool Has Officially Launched a New Site for You to Watch Online Dramas

Dramacool is a web-based streaming platform that offers drama series from all over the world. Dramacool is now one of the top free HD live streaming sites. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, Dramacool is your go-to destination. The site has been engineered to be an ultimate tool for those who want to watch TV online. You can enjoy your favorite Korean dramas with our high quality stream and subtitles in Korean, English, Spanish, French, Indonesia and Vietnamese. You can also create an account and follow your favorite actors or actresses on our site to stay updated about their newest releases!

Dramacool’s Future


The world of online entertainment is starting to change. People are using streaming to watch shows and series anytime they want, from anywhere, on any device. So it’s the perfect time to launch Dramacool as a new streaming service that caters to fans of dramacool korean drama series. We have invested a lot of time and effort in providing the best possible platform for Korean drama lovers around the world, and we believe that we have come up with the best way to bring Korean dramas to fans all over the world”. Said Lee Min-ho, one of the co-founders of Dramacool. “We have invested a lot of effort into providing the best possible platform for Korean drama lovers around the world”.

What is Dramacool?


Dramacool is a free streaming service that offers TV shows and dramas from across the world to its viewers. It has a huge selection of Korean dramas, including movies, anime and TV series, for you to enjoy! Dramacool is designed to be a suitable site for beginners and is easy to use. You can start using the site without registering a user name or an account on the site. But if you do register a user name, then you are eligible to watch Korean Movies 24 hours per day. Dramacool’s library contains HD Korean dramas and movies from its catalogue. The site has a collection of more than 1,600 Korean drama series and movies that can be viewed instantly. So the entire library of Dramacool is totally free for viewers.

What You Can Watch On Dramacool


Here are some of the best drama series that you can watch on Dramacool: Korean Dramas Korean drama from a few of the famous TV channels are also available on Dramacool. These dramas are primarily shown on a week-to-week basis. Korean Drama Subtitles The language barrier is no obstacle to viewing Korean dramas. The Korean subtitles that are provided on Dramacool are high-quality and are very easy to follow. Korean Drama Releases The Korean dramas that are being streamed on Dramacool are available as add-ons to your premium subscription. You may have noticed that Dramacool provides different add-ons. Each add-on is priced differently. The add-on fee for the movie add-on is approximately $7.95, while the drama add-on is $9.95.

Whether you’re a K-drama fanatic or just curious, it can be hard to find ways to watch Korean dramas for free. There are some legitimate and free sites like DramaFever and OnDemandKorea that let you watch Korean dramas for free. However, they’re often filled with ads and links that start automatically. Here, we’ve compiled six apps that offer the same features as those sites but with fewer ads and more functionality. You no longer have an excuse not to watch your favorite Korean drama!

These days, there are a lot of different ways to watch Korean dramas for free and legally. There are a few popular sites that offer episodes or full seasons for free, but many of them require payment to access the newer episodes. Additionally, some streaming platforms charge monthly subscriptions. So, you’re probably wondering where you can find free and easy ways to stream Korean dramas. Well, here are six apps that allow you to watch Korean dramas for free using your laptop or phone!

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