Efficient tips to choose a coffee table

Coffee tables not only complete the look of a room but they are used for many purposes. Like storage, display and completing a look.  Things to focus on is, which type and style of coffee table will suit your room either square or rectangle? Or should you go for a metallic base with glass top or contemporary style. 

Following mentioned are some guidelines that will help you to choose your type of style and material. 


Cost effective

Tables can be extremely expensive or can be under your budget. It all depends upon the style,design and material. Before purchasing any furniture item it is ideal to set down the budget allocation of every product like lounge sofas,coffee tables and chairs.  You can bend a little bit of your budget if there is any item you would love to have.  Office plus  manufactures Office Reception desk with cost friendly and high quality features, so that our beloved clients will have a long lasting experience.  We propose express delivery of office furniture Dubai. 



As we plan for our office rooms or lounge areas, it is best to think about shape and design.  If you have more visitors in your office rooms or your room is in a narrow shape? Then the ideal table for narrow rooms is slime and round style. If you are planning for your lounge area, then having a round table with curved edges is best to have. As sharp corners have a risk of injuries while someone falls or bumps on it.  Having a round table gives you a lot more space to walk in the room. 


Just like the shape of the table is important, the same goes for size.  The height of the coffee table should be 1-2 inches lower than your couch or  sofa seats.  Standard height of the table should be 16-18 inches.  If you want to place a table with a set of chairs then height should be approximately 20-21 inches.  As it will be more convenient for guests to  put plates and glass on tables. 



Make sure to find out what the table will be basically used for either it will be used for decorative purpose or storage purpose?Tables have storage options for storing magazines and other entertainment stuff.  Also make sure to have proper space to place a drink or plate with ease.  If you want to have it for decorative purposes then focusing on lines and textures of material will be ideal. 

If you want to have a counter for your office room then make sure to note what purpose it will serve. Does you need a space to sign up documents on this table or do you need to facilitate your clients with refreshments. 


Counter tables come in many materials.  In industries  mostly metal like brass and steel with a combination of glass are used. But some organizations prefer to have classic and artistic variety which is mostly in combination of wood like maple, cherry and oak.  Generally oak and maple wood is considered more casual rather than cherry and walnut are used for formal purposes.  Using the finishing of lucite makes the table look more modern and trendy. 

Our complete collection of coffee tables are designed creatively. If you are looking for a classy style coffee table then you can visit our online store, where you get access to the complete office furniture Abu Dhabi collection. 


In today’s market there is a variety of tastes and modes of coffee tables. Some are formal,informal, contemporary and classic.  Always look for all these styles that will suit your office room.  If you want to have a modern look go for a shiny metal table with a glass top.  And if you want to have a more classy style than a rustic oak table will be perfect.  Choose table style wisely as it enhances your room’s outlook. 


The most important part of room visualization is the balance of furniture you place in it.  Every Item should be appropriate to the size and style of each furniture.  Pairing two pieces, chair and tables with equal weight and size show a sequence.  Scope or scale is basically the pairing of size and visual weight of furniture items you allocate in your office room.  It is ideal to pair long coffee tables with overstuffed couches rather than with small round tables.


If your space is wide and large then you can use a combination of tables rather than using one large table.  You can select two identical tables and place them next to each other and create a look of one large table. 


After deciding your budget it is ideal to decide your style,size, material and purpose of the table.  Never forget to bring your measurements with you. The space you have in your room. Height and width of sofas. So that when you fix the furniture in your room or lounge area it will set perfectly.  We office plus offer complete guidelines for your furniture items that you want to place. Offering aesthetic quality of complete office furniture Dubai collection. 

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