Few Reasons Why You Need a Mailer Box For your Product

As we know how important marketing is for the growth of any business. Packaging is one of the main sources to do marketing as there are many other strategies to do marketing as well. Nowadays packaging is almost as important as your product. So getting custom printed mailer boxes for your products is very important if you wish to grow your business. But it is also important to get high quality mailer boxes. Pakbranding.com offers some of the best custom mailer boxeswhere you can get any size and shape.

All of these boxes are made from scratch to maintain the quality of the boxes.If you are looking to do branding for your company the first thing you have to do is get printed boxes that show your brand logo printed on it. Pak Branding does offer design help plus you can get your logo done here if you do not have one.

You can also get custom printed shipping boxes when it comes to shipping your product from one place to another. When you have printed mailer boxes along with your brand name and logo so it will make your product stand out among the others. Get some unique printed mailer boxes to please consumers when they come to buy any of those. So investing in printed mailer boxes will not waste your money at all but in fact, it will help you grow your business and increase sales too.

Printing Options For Mailer boxes

Most of the time boxes are being printed by using CMYK offset printing. So when it comes to bulk quantity, offset printing is recommended in order to get fine quality printed boxes. Offset printing also helps you save some money since it is cost-effective when it comes to a large order of boxes.

This printing is done step by step to maintain the quality of the boxes. Cardboard material is being used most of the time for offset printing. Cardboard mailer boxes are strong and sturdy enough to hold any product when it comes to shipping or placing it in stores.

Custom Kraft Mailer Boxes

On the other hand, custom kraft mailer boxes are mostly used for eco-friendly purposes. And most of the time digital printing is being used to print kraft boxes. Digital printing is a very elegant print and it will make kraft boxes look beautiful. You can also get cardboard digital print boxes for a small run.

If you are starting up and launching a new business, you might think that getting a small quantity of boxes might cost you a lot. Well, this is not the case when you contact pak branding because you can get custom mailer boxes wholesale for any quantity as per your needs. You can get quality boxes at a very affordable rate. Colors are very important for packaging boxes so getting the right amount of colors with perfect design and layout will help you increase sales and get more regular clients too. You can also use pms colors for your packaging and it does not matter how many colors you have because pak branding will make sure that you get every shade of colors that you apply to your design.

Need Insert For Your Products?

Most of the products from the cosmetic industry come with a kit. So you might need to place more than one item in it. In this scenario, you would need an insert to hold all of those different types of items. You would also need an insert in order to stop the products from colliding with each other and therefore they might get damaged too.

So make sure that when you are getting mailer boxes for different products then you should also get an insert for it. These kinds of inserts are called dividers and they hold each product in its place. These dividers will hold the product items tightly when shipping them from one place to another and during transportation, they would not allow them to move around. It will help the product from damage while shipping.

Final Thoughts

Imaging you are not using inserts and you just pack all of your items in one single place and ship. What happens next is that it will damage your items before they reach your consumer. This can cause you huge loss and it will also have a bad impact on your brand among consumers. So getting an insert is very important if you have multiple products to pack and ship.

Divider insert also helps protect fragile items such as glass, jars, bottles, and etc. For these kinds of items, you need to have a custom insert as per those items’ dimensions. You cannot just use an insert that is already available in stores and is not sure whether the dimensions of that insert will fit your items or not. So reach out to Pak Branding for consultation on getting the right size of insert for your mailer box. These dividers are designed uniquely to ensure the safety of your product while shipping. These are also reusable and recyclable.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order now and enjoy free shipping!

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