Academic writing can be defined as a style of writing that is specially designated for writing essays and other research material in academics and this type of writing is usually written in a formal and academics-specific style that is quite differently structured than other types of writing. 

This blog is not about the various forms of academic writing such as book reviews, essays, summary papers or synthesis etc but focuses on the types of academic writing that all these forms fall under. 

In this blog, we will see what kinds of academic writings are commonly used and how are they different from each other. 

  • Descriptive Academic Writing – As the name suggests, this style of academic writing is descriptive in nature. In this type of writing style, you need to be articulate with your subject materials and you must be able to define them and add proper descriptions to various topics.  These topics may be abstract in nature and you are allowed the artistic freedom to articulate these topics into your own words with the level of flexibility you desire.  This is one of the most common types of academic writing in which academicians analyse various theories and topics and then while visualising them, write them down in order to describe their understanding.

  • Narrative writing- As the name suggests, in this type of writing the writer goes on a narrative about experiences and anecdotes and even descriptions of real-life situations. In this type of writing the writer tries to provide a clear and visually pleasing narrative from materials and content which is not very smooth to process by the non-academic audience.  This is the type of writing where a large amount of information is packed into the writing and is also one of the most common types of academic writing.

  • Expository academic text- In this type of academic writing, the academician must do a lot of research because the academician needs to be able to evaluate pieces of evidence and provide a lot of facts in order to prove something and this requires a keen argumentative stance while writing.  This is one of the most challenging forms of academic writing as the essays need to be short and precise.  This is one of the most condensed forms of academic writing where the ultimate goal is to expose or debunk theories with a lot of logic.

  • Persuasive Writing – This is the type of academic writing in which the academician must hold an argumentative standpoint while writing down the essays.  This is also the type of writing which is opinionated and the writer must be able to persuade the audience with evidence and logic about their points and must be able to make arguments with the end goal of their writing being persuasive. The paper and essays much have a well-defined thesis statement with worthy evidence to nail their point home. 

Academic writings are quite helpful for students who are trying to write essays and papers in schools and colleges and universities and these types of writing styles will help them define their type of writing into simple categories and will help them structure that essay and classify their research and will help them improve their writing skills dramatically. 

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