How Are The Mobile Notary Services Different From Your Regular Signing Agent?

Notary services are not new. People have been using these services for years. They offer basic signing and verification services. They are hired by business entrepreneurs and individuals. You may need a good notary team for completing any signing procedure.

The way these services operate today is not the same. To get the document verified you may no longer need to travel to the notary office location. You Can Search The Best mobile notary Venice CA services online or on your mobile device.

Even if the services are mobile, still they offer basic benefits. There are still a few features where mobile services may differ when compared to your regular signing agents. Here in this content, you will get familiar with these differences.

General requirements

Being a mobile notary is much easy in the present time. You must check with the basic requirements before you hire one Mobile notary services are expected to have a valid notary commission.

In case you had to hire a signing agent, back ground then you may need to perform a background check. This is not needed when opting to hire mobile notary services. As they are a part of the notary commission, so their identification is already verified. This is one big difference between the signing agent and mobile notary services.

Services offered

If you look at the basic services, then in both cases these are still the same. The only difference here is that the services are offered at your preferred location if you hire a mobile notary team. The notary will travel to the set location on time.

But if this is the convenience you get, then it is obvious that you may have to pay some extra amount as a fee. Mobile notary services will always charge the client for travel allowances. You get the benefit as you are not investing your time and money in travelling.

The notarization task is completed at the location itself. But if you hire a signing agent, then you may also have to organize all documents and insurance, in some cases.

Work permits

Mobile notary services will be licensed by the authorities. They may only need to prove that they are licensed to carry out all types of notary tasks. A signing agent on the other hand will have to obtain different licenses as per the requirements.

In some cases, they may also need to obtain special permission to sign any legal documents. This is not the issue when you hire mobile notary services. They are already licensed to sign and verify any legal documents. An assigning agent can only act as your hired closing agent and not the authority.

No jurisdiction restrictions

Certainly, mobile notaries may not be limited to any jurisdiction. They are available to travel to any possible location. The only thing to keep in mind is that you may have to pay them a travelling allowance.

Mobile notary services are usually having a well-connected network in different locations. This is helpful for any client. They may still be bounded only by the country laws and regulations. Signing agents are not the same. They may not be able to offer their services outside their office unless they have been authorized.

So you may not be able to use these services outside their physical jurisdictions. You will always obtain special permissions and license to operate in a new location. They can still set up their physical office in any location if the services are licensed and registered.

Work procedure of a mobile notary

In general, you may want to hire mobile notary Venice CA for many different reasons. They are the right option who can verify your identity If you have a very important document to sign, then a notary will act as the verifier.

They will verify only after the document has been signed by you. They will perform the basic notary task. They are not getting involved in the signing procedure directly they will only notice that the document was signed by you in their presence.

You will have to hire them for their services. If you need the mobile notary to be present in the court of law, you can always let them know. They will be willing to testify on your behalf.

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