How Can I Extract Phone Numbers From LinkedIn For Telemarketing?

Searching for phone numbers from LinkedIn for telemarketing for your call Centre campaign.? By the end of this article, you will know how to get phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles for any mobile marketing campaign.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful way to search for businesses in a particular city, county, or state and it contains all the relevant information such as phone numbers, addresses, business names, etc. by simply specifying a search term and location in the search bar of the LinkedIn. For example, you go to LinkedIn and search for “Digital Marketers” in New York, USA.

Hence, scraping LinkedIn results is commonly done to Hence, scraping LinkedIn results is commonly done to collect data for sales, marketing, and outreach activities. In this post, we will list out all the ways of scraping LinkedIn which requires no coding at all.

What Are The Best The Methods To Extract Phone Numbers From LinkedIn?

Easiest Method: Hire A Freelancer

Well, this one is particularly the easiest method; simply hire an experienced web scraping freelancer if you want the data quickly without going through the hassle and the messiness of coding a scraper yourself. It’s pretty affordable since it’ll cost you about $20–30 to get extracted data from LinkedIn, however, it’s key to hire a good freelancer with a proven track record to do this or your results may vary.

Web Scraping Tools

These are mainly LinkedIn Scraping tools that let you get scraped information from LinkedIn profiles by simply clicking the content you want to scrape from LinkedIn. Examples include LinkedIn Lead Extractor, LinkedIn Company Extractor, and LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor. Its user-friendliness makes it an attractive choice for many people, however, outside of the limited free tier, their pricing starts at about $60/3 months which is cost-prohibitive compared to simply hiring a freelancer or buying outdated data from a data providing company.

What Is The Best LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor Software?

You can make a phone number scraper for LinkedIn to extract phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles, but those who are new to coding and can’t hire a developer to develop the phone number extractor, can use the already made LinkedIn scrapers available in the market, that’s a valuable investment to get the data from LinkedIn which saves time and energy.

If you are looking for one LinkedIn Phone Number Scraper which not only extracts phone numbers from LinkedIn profile automatically but also exports them to structured forms like Excel spreadsheet or CSV form, LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the best option for you.

Why Is LinkedIn Leads Scraper The Best Choice For Marketers?

LinkedIn Profile Scraper is the best web scraper for LinkedIn because it searches for the user by name and it can crawl all the LinkedIn for that name. LinkedIn Email Extractor is the most useful web scraper for email marketing and telemarketing campaigns as it scrapes emails, phone numbers, title, job history, website links, and social media links from LinkedIn profiles. You can collect thousands of emails and phone numbers with just one click and save them in Excel or CSV format.

How Can LinkedIn Lead Extractor Extract Phone Numbers From LinkedIn?

Step 1: Download and install LinkedIn Scraper on your computer and open it.

Step 2: Search for the LinkedIn users by name, zip codes, and profile URLs.

Step 3: Click on Run LinkedIn Data Extractor to scrape data from LinkedIn search results.

Step 4: Export data in CSV, Excel, or Text files by simply clicking on the “Export” button.

By following these simple steps, the LinkedIn Scraping software will start extracting data and collecting people’s phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and many more.

You can also apply filters for LinkedIn data scraping after and before the extraction process. The software will automatically collect data from all LinkedIn Profiles after automatically crawling them.

So if you want to extract phone numbers from LinkedIn this is the easy solution, you can try it now, it is free to download with some limitations. Once you see that LinkedIn Email Finder works for you and collect the exact data you want, you can purchase the license to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

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