How I transformed from a Spender to a Saver

I was open to the idea, but my relationship with money was not good. His savings were very small, and he had no deep planning skills.

I would have to pay unexpected expenses, but not as often as they were monthly. This was an awful situation that my income wasn’t enough to cover.There is best ways to save 1000 dollars

Due to this chronic condition, my fatigue was a constant. I found a way to save my life and transform my financial outlook.

●       This is what works best for me. It is not something everyone needs. Some people have strong convictions about saving. Other people might need it more.

●       Many will claim that this is the YNAB system. It was my first time using it to budget and avoid getting caught up with large, non-monthly expenses.

●       When faced with complex situations, there are only two options: “I have four children and charge 900 per month for my services” or “I live here and have children.” Either you flee from a city where it is too costly or you find ways to increase your income.

Budgeting down to the penny

The first thing I did was to extract a PDF of my bank transactions for the past three months. But it was necessary.

Next I recorded all non-monthly expenses.

I was able to create a budget which not only accounts for monthly expenses but also prorated any monthly expenses. While these numbers aren’t real, I know that Spotify Family Plan is a great way to save money.


●       Salary: 1,500 dollars

●       Collaborations starting at 250 USD

●       Total: 1,750 dollars .


●       Rent: 265 dollars (my half and my partner’s half).

●       Gasoline: 70 dollars (my part, my half).

●       Supermarket: 100 Dollars (mine and my).

●       HBO 4 Dollars (my part, my partner’s half)

●       Fiber + Mobile: $30 (my half, my partner’s).

●       Car letter 120 Dollars (my part, my partner’s second half).

●       Spotify : 10 dollars

●       Gym : 30 dollars

●       I’m looking for 150 dollars per month in leisure activities, such as going out with my partner or a whimsical sign, hairdresser etc.

In total, 739 dollars. “Surplus” 1,011 dollars.

Another tip. An app offered by our bank can be used to track our “purse” each month and show us how much is left.

This will enable you to create a credit card that can easily be recharged monthly using your checking account. You can also use a Pennies app to track expenses.

This will help us to see what we can save, and not penalize saving.

Annualized expenses are another option. I’ll continue the example.

Auto insurance costs 360 dollars per annum. My share is 180 USD/year. Divide that 180 by 12 to get $15 per luna

My share of road taxes is $30. 30 = 12 + 1.5 = 2.5 The annual road tax revision is 200 dollars. This amount is variable but understandable. 200 USD per month between 12-16.7.

To pay car expenses, I need to save $15 + 2.5 + 16.7 = 34.2 per Month. Here’s how it looks:

●       Car : 34.2 dollars

I usually have to pay the income statement. Employed people are subject to a 15% fixed-income tax. There are not many expenses I can deduct.

600 dollars is the approximate amount.

●       Personal Income Tax – 55 dollars

Give a gift to someone (birthday, Christmas …).). ). Buy a gift for someone (birthday, Christmas, etc.).

Although I still spend money, it isn’t nearly as expensive as I used to be. I’m always looking ahead to the next year, and I’m thinking about my future weddings. 2019 will have 60 dollars in multiplications or additions per month.

●       60 dollars for gifts and weddings

I plan where my partner and I will be in one year.

●       Holidays : 100 dollars.

In the past, I was impulsive about purchasing clothes.

●       Clothes: $30

Let’s say I use a MacBook to work. It costs 1,500 dollars and can last for up to four years.


I have already said that no app or method will make your money multiply like magic. There are two options to save more every month. You can either spend more, or take on more debt.

It’s possible to spend more than you plan.

This is a rigorous process, so there may be unexpected events. Once you have reached 1,000 dollars, you can either play games or stop contributing. Some figures will still perform, and they will be paid money out of our savings.

It works most times. In order to be able to pay the whole amount in one go, it is better that you save each month. For more information you can follow their Facebook Page.

The excuse is something like, “If you cut back on all these then what are you living to do?” You can save your money with determination and a positive attitude.

It’s easy to get lazy and eat at home. Not everyone is as attractive or interested in expensive clothes.

I bought four pairs of sneakers for 120 dollars. Even though it was only $40 each, I saved 80.

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