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Poetry Books

Let’s take the scenario where you have just published your self published book on poetry and you are confident that people are going to like it best poetry books.

The biggest question now is where are you going to sell your book? Let’s take a few simple places where you can expect to sell your book and make a mark on the literary world.


  • Independent book stores- This is one of the best places to approach to sell your self-published best poetry books. By independent book stores, we mean book stores that are not affiliated with publishing houses such as Oxford book stores as they will most likely have exclusive Oxford books etc. You can hope to approach traditional book stores that carry copies of every kind of publishing house and you can approach them for selling your book.
  • Other shops – When it comes to best poetry books the equation gets a lot simpler because they are usually in paperback or thin hardcovers and are easy to store. And that is why many regular stationery stores such as educational material stores as well as gift stores often carry these books and one of your best chances would be to approach one of these stores.
  • Book signings – This is where you will need to take your networking skills on another level and if you do so this option is quite effective for you because if you are part of a club which can be anything from a book club to any other hobby club then you can ask them to arrange a book signing for you where you will give out free copies of books and this will generate new interest in your book.
  • Poetry readings – There are often poetry clubs that encourage poetry reading sessions and if you are a member of one of these clubs then this is also a good shot for you to promote your book while you simply read out one or two poems from your poetry book and then request them to check out your book. You can even give out a few copies as a sign of good gesture and if they like the material then they can grab others from your online store best poetry books of all time.

Online –

  • Your Author website – One of the best places to sell your love poetry books online is to have your own independent authors website and there are a lot of advantages to doing that because you can have complete independence on the layout of the store as well as on every aspect of your online store. The online store will also serve as a great permanent destination for your fans to go visit when they want to have more information about your new works and if they want to purchase a copy they will be sure that they can get it from your website love poetry books.
  • Self-publishing company’s website – Often reputable self-publishing book houses will have a proper website when they will promote your book for no cost to you and you can obviously redirect your fans and your readers to their website so that they can grab a copy.
  • E-commerce book sites – This is one of the most common places to grab a book from and one of the giants in this is Amazon where you can list your book in various formats like paperbacks as well as e-book Kindle and audiobooks through Audible. These are a great way to have a large audience visit your books of poetry listing.
  • Social media –

We have saved the best one for the last because social media is an excellent avenue to market your lana del rey poetry book so that you can promote your book in various book groups as well as poetry groups and every other kind of place but you must make sure not to spam every comment section and every post with your book as that can get annoying and if someone reports one of your links all your other links will be down so you must take care of that.

This was a simple guide on where you can publish your self-published poetry books and we understand that this may look like a lot of work best poetry books of all time. Thankfully we at Orange publishers are here to help you because we will not only e self publish your book but will also promote it in various places both online and offline. We are trusted self-publishing book house in india with years of publishing experience and a reputable network best poetry books of all time. So come visit us and let us work together for literary excellence. 

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