How to set up a IFZA Dubai free zone company?

The Dubai Silicon Oasis recently regulated IFZA  which is a  Dubai Free Zone, a new world commercial hub. IFZA Dubai Free Zone Company Formation became an immensely popular choice among investors from all over the world in a short period. One of the reasons for its worldwide popularity is that it provides attractive company formation packages. Also, note that the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) – Dubai Free Zone offers 3-year and 5-year IFZA Dubai licencing packages.

The International Free Zone Authority or IFZA has earned a reputation as Dubai’s most affordable and business-friendly free zone for business formation. At Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA UAE Free Zone makes sure to feature sophisticated and high-tech corporate offices and storage spaces for rent. It provides a variety of services for the Company Formation which includes large conference rooms, digital equipment, a substantial discount on the IFZA company licence, and excellent connectivity.

Procedure on how to set up a Free Zone Company with IFZA

Do you really wish for an  IFZA  business setup? Then don’t worry it’s one of the feasible places for business setup in UAE. The company formation is relatively simple, and quick. What you have to do is to place an order online through a website. While selecting the package go for something that your business wants.  Now, let’s briefly look into the steps involved in the business formation.

  • The first and foremost step is to choose a package that you desire from the website
  • Next is the submission of all the necessary documents for successful application
  • The final step is the finalisation of the application and further processing with IFZA after the submitting of  documents and after that, you will get the license within  four to five working days

What are the documents you need to submit for the application?

Now let us quickly glance at the list of important documents you need for the Dubai free zone business setup.

  • Firstly, get your hands on a clear colour copy of the passport of each shareholder or director
  • Next, you will need to get the UAE entry stamp which is the newest one or else the UAE visa of every shareholder or the director
  • Then it is important for you to have an Emirates ID copy and only if it is applicable
  • Don’t forget to get passport size photos of every shareholder or director. It should be taken around a white background with his or her shoulders and head visible. You should not wear jewellery or eyewear and preferred to be  in dark clothing without showing teeth

List of the PRO services from IFZA Free Zone

Now let us see some important PRO services IFZA Free Zone has in store for businessmen around the world.

  • Firstly we have service of  Card of Labor Establishment
  • Then we have Amending of Trade License
  • The next PRO service is providing the Residence Visa for all the workers and the  business officials
  • Then we have the service of getting a work permit for  employees
  • Yet another service is the approval for trade name
  • Next, you will get Notary and Legal authentication
  • Then is the service in which we can obtain a tenancy contract
  • Another service is the Ejari registration and also making us available to the unique Ejari code.
  • Next, we have to service to renew the trade license

Reasons to choose IFZA company setup

Now let us discuss the top ten reasons why you should be choosing IFZA company setup. In simple words, it provides you with a feasible business environment with a cost-effective license, simple procedure, fewer documents and so on.

  • The first reason to mention is the chance to start a  budget-friendly business setup
  • Next is that all the liabilities are limited for company setup in IFZA Dubai
  • They allow you with hundred percent company ownership
  • It is made very easy for you to open a bank account
  • You don’t have to worry about income tax issues as zero percent is availed
  • Next is that you are given permission to work outside UAE
  • There is no restriction in having a physical office space
  • Another important advantage is that they don’t ask for the physical presence of the shareholder or the director for the business setup
  • Also, you can get up to six activities on your single license which is a plus point
  • You don’t have to worry about lagging as the process will be quick and simple
  • Budget-friendly non-visa and visa packages are available efficiently
  • It helps you in maintaining contact with other businesses of free zone and mainland companies
  • You can do commercial and trading services in better condition
  • Another advantage is that it allows a hundred per cent repatriation of profits and capital
  • The final advantage is that you don’t need the guaranteed deposit for an employment visa


Are you ready to set up the business as you got an idea about the IFZA free zone business setup? Forming the company or license acquiring can be a little tedious without proper guidance and help. So we advise you to get help from professional business setup consultants to help you understand and apply the possibilities and procedures of company formation. With the best business setup consultants by the side, you can do registration easily. Also, they guide you throughout the submission of the documents which is necessary for the IFZA business license.

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