Ideas for Capturing the unforgettable moments of your life

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. (quote unquote)

The only thing that is constant in life is: Change. The moment your baby is born to the time she starts to crawl, the crawling transitions to walking and then running. She then starts school then college and in a blink, she is getting married.

When you sit back and reminisce unforgettable moments, all that comes before your eyes is only a blurry vision.

Do not worry! We have got everything covered. Here are a few ideas for capturing the unforgettable moments of your life.

  1. Click the best shot and print it

With the ease of cameras in literally everyone’s palms, you are left behind with literally thousands of photos on your phones, and computers.

All you have to do is choose that perfect smile, that perfect click and get it printed and framed right away. It will work as an heirloom for years to come. Your future generations will be awestruck by your fashion photography and epic sense of dressing.

  1. Cherish each moment

Now, capturing the perfect click does not mean that you have to get stuck to your phone all the time.  Be with your family and friends. While hitting the pool, painting happy faces with your kids, going out on field visits. Keep your camera ready.

After taking a good photo, keep your phone aside and relish the present and enjoy your time to the most with your loved ones.

Take in each and every moment- the smiles, tears, screams, whines, laughter, all of it. All along do not forget to practice gratitude. 

  1. Jot it all down in a diary

Diary keeping is a habit that is dying down with every passing day. But it is a great keepsake for reliving your amazing life moments. It will not just help you, but your future generations can see your life through your eyes lovingly. You can easily savor each and every moment.

  1. Document your family weddings

When any wedding bell is about to ring in your family, then you have to thoroughly look for the best wedding photographer in town.

Do your proper research. Wedding photography is something that helps you to capture all your special, emotional and heart-touching moments and enjoy them later on. As during the wedding events you are so busy with meeting-and-greeting all your loved ones, that you are not able to notice the intricate details and beauty of that day.

Afterwards, document all the wedding photographs and videos. Keep them in safe hands.

  1. Travel as much as possible

Travel brings about numerous unforgettable experiences and cherish able moments. Trek, climb, bungee jump, jump out of a plane, scuba dive, go out in the wild, enjoy safaris. The list is endless. All you have to do is come out of your comfort zone and then you will see magic happen.


Make it a goal of your life to travel to a new place or two every year. Do not forget to pack along stylish clothes. Feel like a fashionista in front of a beautiful backdrop that may contain lush green plains, earthy mountainous terrains, and turquoise blue ocean.


Stretch your fashion photography and wedding photography streak either by asking your travel partner to take your beautiful clicks. In case you are travelling solo then set your camera on auto and flaunt around.


  1. Flex your adventurous Muscles-Sleep out in the open

One of the best ways to capture unforgettable moments is to loose free from the mundane chores and daily routine and to go out in the open to sleep.


You can go to a safe hilly side, or a beach. Take a tent or a mat with you depending on the season and for added safety. Do not forget to pack along food items, drinks, and insect repellants.


Marvel the sunset. Later on lie down on your back and see the clear sky and count the stars.


While chattering aimlessly to your friends and family, enjoy the food and drinks that you brought along.


Meanwhile, take as many pretty clicks as you want to capture unforgettable moments.


It will not only be a stress buster but will also make you relaxed and happy.


The natural cool breeze and the sound of waves will work as a lullaby. We assure you, you will wake up as happy as a baby.


  1. Upload it all on the social media

In the present day, with the advent of social media, ways to capture unforgettable moments has changed. Now you can easily upload photos in a jiffy on the social media of your choice and let your loved ones see everything from your eyes. Later cherish those moments, as they appear as a memory every year on your timeline.

These are some of the ideas for capturing the unforgettable moments through fashion photography, wedding photography, nature, and everyday photography. 

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