ISO 28000 certification, eligibility, criteria and process

ISO 28000 certification provides consecution security management:

ISO 28000 is a global standard that meets the needs of Safety Management Systems & # 40; SMS & # 41; for the supply chain. In this article we need to understand ISO 28000 certification and its supply security management.

 What is ISO 28000 and how will it facilitate your business?

ISO 28000 is  the best  normal application for providing chain security management In today’s economy, supply chains are spread all over the planet, linking many factories, base manufacturers, storage facilities and transport/logistics partnerships.

Offers a variety of benefits and risks from fire to natural disasters to cyber attacks or terrorist acts that can damage all merchandise and cause critical delays in delivery Offers a variety of benefits and risks from fire to natural disasters to cyber attacks or terrorism that can damage everything merchandise and cause significant delays in the delivery of the product to the buyer.

ISO 28000 is an international standard that helps organizations with global supply chains understand their level of risk and provides them with a framework for understanding any obligations. Moreover, it helps companies of any size and develops reliable disaster management strategies should a surprising problem arise for any purpose in the supply consecution.

 Why is ISO 28000 certification useful for global business?

 If your business performs work in a global supply consecution.ISO 28000 certification offers many benefits. Wherever you sit in the supply chain, your business depends on other people and they depend on you. Any delay or drawback will cause serious results, thus ISO 28000 certification helps scale back the danger of that event.

Being ISO 28000 certified offers you many benefits:

Reduce Serious Risks and Damages ISO 28000 Audits facilitate determine hazards to your individuals, property, and freight, which means you`ll be able to take remedial measures to extend security.

Provide the simplest service to customers:

Build a name for timely delivery. The ISO 28000 certificate indicates that you simply have optimized your method to cut back delays and security risks. It`s an efficient promoting tool.

 Staying Active Even in Times of Crisis:

Emergencies Occur the ISO 28000 rating helps you start a non-stop business once they do, which means you might as well like the tough stuff.

 Who provides reliable ISO 28000 audits:

Raj Startup provides complex, objective and demanding supply chain audits for your organization. We tend to look to a reliable partner for companies of all sizes around the world, a United Nations agency worthy of our expertise in assessing their risks upstream and downstream. Auditors must have national and international licenses to practice management systems audits. This implies that your ISO 28000 authentication method is handled according to the best level of expertise and international recommendations and standards.

In addition, our auditors must follow a strict code of ethics through the Audit Code, which guarantees you and your clients our complete independence and inclination. After get ISO 28000 certificate, your organization will display the certification mark which is widely recognized and respected as an image of quality, safety and stability it can rely on You can easily apply online through reputed business consultant of ISO certification in Delhi.

This certificate represents third party approval from well-known organizations across the country and can be an efficient person to promote functions.

What is the method for obtaining IS0 28000 certification?

We support you to achieve ISO 28000 certification with our economical and efficient authentication method. Our freelance audit team works with you to learn about our business, suppliers, customers and your concerns. So we tend to work with companies of all sizes to quickly manage audits:


  • Familiarize yourself with the advantages; achieved with up-to-date techniques derived from ISO 28000.
  • Identification of gaps with respect to relevant requirements.
  • Describe and implement mandatory measures.
  • Strength and compliance of documents.

 Process of ISO 28000 Certification:

  • Phase One Audit: Readiness Review.
  • Phase 2 audit: Field visit.
  • Your organization identifies and implements steps to correct the reasons underlying any known inconsistencies from the audit.
  • Issuance of ISO 28000 certificate.
  • Annual audit for certificate maintenance.

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