Linen Shirts for Men – A Summer Wardrobe Must-Have

Menswear has become more open to the idea of texture in recent times. It’s a fantastic thing for winter fabrics like fleece and corduroy, however, when it pertains to light and breezy summer fabrics, linen is making a comeback to give extra flair to your summertime outfit.

Linen shirts have made a name for being slightly unfashionable somewhere along the way. It may have been the creases, or perhaps the Richard Branson association was enough to kill sales.

Whatever the reason was, the world has finally realised that the men’s linen shirt is the best way to beat the heat in panache. It’s soft, comfy, and adds a textural element to any ensemble.

Men’s linen shirts are one of our favourite warm-weather fabrics. Linen is a lightweight, breezy material that is ideal for warm and hotter regions. Unlike cotton fabric, it appears crisper at first, but as it wears, it gets soften and it becomes more pliable. Linen’s strength (durability) and weight combine to create a lovely dress shirt draping. Are there any disadvantages to linen? Yes, certainly. Linen shirts are prone to wrinkles and do not retain their design effectively. Linen, resembling denim, is a bit gritty and requires a few washes to “break in.” These flaws, on the other hand, are what draw people to linen.

Linen – The ideal dress shirt for summer

Linen is also known for having the world’s greatest natural fibre which is 20 times stronger than cotton fabric. It’s being used to strengthen the sturdiness of banknotes all over the globe. As a consequence, linen material and linen shirts have a long lifespan. When the grave of Pharaoh Ramses II (who died in 1213 BC) was discovered in the year 1881, the linen cloth wrappings were wonderfully intact and in the practically original condition even after over 3000 years!

Linen is also recognised as the absolute performance cloth, and so many people consider it to be nature’s inherent drying fibre. It may soak up to 20% of its weight in wet before becoming heavy and moist. As it absorbs moisture or water, it will become stronger.

Both the fabrics cotton and linen are prone to wrinkling. Unlike cotton material, flax fibres contain an organic substance called lignan. These strands are stiff at first but then wrinkle rapidly. These creases, resembling denim, grow softer and simpler to manage with time (many washes and uses).

Linen Shirts for Men Are Ideal for Summer

During the last three decades, the way linen is used has evolved dramatically. Only around 5% of linen has been used for cloth that was donned in the 1970s and 1980s. This percentage has risen to 70% ever since the 1990s, and with valid reason. What went wrong? Fashion brands realised the advantages and started marketing it as a different season, comfortable laid back material. They were intrigued by the weaving because of its textured, heather grey look, which is created by a distinctive warp/weft pattern.

Most significantly, linen is a lightweight, airy material that is ideal for hotter weather. The texture of linen pulls the moisture away from the skin, resulting in better breathability. Linen is likewise a stiff fabric that does not attach to the skin. Linen has an extremely high permeability, letting air easily move through the fabric and allowing the body to relax.

Linen is among our fave fabrics for casual shirts. It looks great with short sleeves particularly in the long arms more than almost any other material. It’s also the ideal outfit for a destination wedding, which is often a more informal / less formal affair.

What Are the Benefits of Having Linen in Your Life?

If you’ve ever had a dislike for linen, now is the moment to lay it to rest. Owing to its poor thread count, which makes it incredibly flexible and very far ideally adapted for summertime shirting than typical poplin or Oxfordshire cloth, this easy-going cloth is ideal for keeping cool in the hotter seasons.

Perhaps one of linen’s greatest obvious flaws, as previously mentioned, is its sensitivity to wrinkling. Although there’s no escaping the reality that this is a crumple-prone fabric, cotton-blend versions have virtually removed the problem.

100% linen, on the other hand, provides the most return on investment in terms of comfort. If at all possible, invest in a decent iron and blow dry on a gentle heat.

What Is the Best Way to Wear A Linen Shirt?

With Tailoring

Contrary to popular opinion, mens white linen shirt can be worn with a tuxedo and still look fine. The key to creating depth and dimension is to blend your elements. Rather than wearing your shirt with something like a linen suit, consider combining it with a woollen or cotton fabric suit in a darker or contrasting shade. An indigo suit with mens white linen shirt, for instance, or a brown jacket with a blue blazer. The diverse fabrics will work together to offer modest intricacy to the clothing by striking this harmony among light and shadow.

Rather, pair a linen shirt with a jacket and pants sets for a much more relaxed look. Pick different shades once more, and make sure your shirt is sleek and well-fitted.

On Vacation

A linen shirt is very much at ease in warm weather, making it the ideal companion for another week or so in the sunshine. Having to don linen in an off-duty context allows you to celebrate the material in all of its relaxed, wrinkled splendour – just the way it was meant to be worn.

When buying a linen shirt for the holidays, choose one with a little looser fit. It should be loose and comfy, yet still, have a good fit over the neck and arms. Light is preferable in terms of colour since it dodges some of the heat.

Don it button-down with a few buttons loosened and fitted bathing shorts for a relaxed, beach-ready look.

At The Weekend

Several of the real cornerstones of weekend attire is a fine Oxford cotton button-down. However, throughout the summer, it might lead to unattractive sweat spots and discomfort.

The real kicker is that you can accomplish a close resemblance by substituting a linen shirt in most combinations. Wear a mens white linen shirt with trousers and sand footwear for a casual look. Combine a gentle linen shirt plus skinny shorts and shoes for a much more casual look.

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