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Air purifiers why we need this kind of product, what is the role of these products in Daily Life? These questions mainly arise in your mind when it comes to inhaling fresh Oxygen in your body. Everybody knows the importance of taking fresh air into the Body. Breathing Air is a Compulsory part of life. one person can’s avoid stopping breathing. What happens if that air going through in your body is Polluted you will start Panicking after a Short Period of time. this can be a life-threatening situation for the Affected person.

Today we will discuss the Important role of Fresh air and the Role of Air purifiers in Daily Life.

Contaminated Air VS Air purifiers

Now, first of all, we need to know what are the Benefits of taking Fresh and Clean Air

  • when we start inhaling Fresh air it directly enters the lungs and widens the strengthens of the lungs wall.
  • Improve digestion- it has a wider effect on food digestion Process as we all know food always gets digested in Presence of O2 Particles.
  • Improves Blood circulation and Heart Actions. Taking Fresh air has a Direct Effect on Improving Blood Circulation into Arteries & Vessels of the Body.
  • Boost Immune System with High Intake of Fresh air therefore doctors always suggest you inhale Fresh Air in the Morning.
  • Increase the Life Cycle.
  • Mood Swings A Healthier Person who always inhales Fresh air always will be in a good mood

Role of Air Purifies and Process

Two types of technologies are used by purifiers nowadays.

  • Active Technologies which involves releasing of Negatively Charged Ions into the air which enables the Pollutant Particles to Stick to the Surface of the Purifiers and let the Fresh and Clean Reachable to you.
  • Passive Technologies uses Advanced Filters to Remove pollutants Particles. Passive Technologies is nowadays more efficient because it removes all the Dust particles and Pollutants and collects them in the purifier’s cylinders.

Filtration Process Technologies for Air Purifiers

Many more filtration Processes to be followed by the Manufacturing Companies to Minimize the Pollutant Viruses, Bacteria, Dust Particles.

  • HEPA-High Efficiency Particle Arrestance- this process is more effective with larger and smaller particles with an accuracy of 99.97%  of 0.3 -micrometer Particles. The most important advantage of this process is it does not cause any damage to the Ozone or does not Produce any Harmful byproduct during Operation.
  • Filter HVAC- This kind of Filtration Process Capture Particles from 0.1 to 0.3-micrometer particles. but the accuracy rate is lower then the HEPA is about 75%.
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation-This Technique uses the Sterilization Process for Pollutant Particles By using Ultraviolet Lamps for Removing Dead Micro-Organisms.
  • Activated Carbon Techniques is widely used with HEPA .it is used in Conjunction with HEPA technology. This technology involves a process of changing Contaminated Particles from Gaseous State to Solid State
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation-This is mainly an important Part of the HVAC industry. These technologies are coupled with the other Technologies to Remove the Dust Particles. due to which these technologies have high Maintenance and commercial Costs.

Consumer Concerns or Disadvantages of Air Purifiers

There are a lot of Disadvantages also of having Purifiers in your Home, Company, and surroundings.

Some of the Purifiers that emit OZone can be harmful to Healths. More will be exposed to Ozone more will be damage to your respiratory Track. Generally, Most of the Purifiers which are Commercially used for the Big Companies use High Power Consumptions when are in Operation Stage. Mostly Purifies make loud Noise so they are not in Accordance with Air Pollutions Algorithms.

The most Important Disadvantage of Purifiers is they need Regular Maintenance from time to time otherwise Old Filters may worsen Air Quality.

As we have mentioned the Role, Process, Techniques, and Benefits of Air purifiers. O2 cure is the Best Leading Manufacturer and supplying Company Available for Many Years in Purifiers Industry. so what are you waiting for a visit on our Websites? O2 cure Provides all the necessary products required to Clean your Surround Air and to keep your Lifes Healthier. Our Products are Cheaper than Markit Rates, less Maintenance is there and we have Design our Products in accordance with the Consumer Concerns. They are totally Environment-Friendly Products Release  Negligible Ozone and fewer power Consumptions.

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