NOC Technician job Description:

If a company has an internet problem, what is it called? They will probably go to the Network Operations Center (NOC) where the NOC team network management can help diagnose and solve their problems. NOC staff inspects the network, adjusts and maintains air conditioning, firewalls and switches. These professionals perform computer skills, problem solving and problem solving on a daily basis.

Role and responsibilities are the responsibility of the NOC employee:

The NOC technicians works in several teams. Specific tasks and responsibilities may vary, but the job involves many important roles, including: Solve network problems: The NOC team is responsible for monitoring the infrastructure of the network to ensure the proper operation of pilots, switches, firewalls and telecommunications. They call, help customers solve network problems, diagnose network and server problems, and then make a decision. They also answer customers’ questions about web design and services.

Provides preventive maintenance for network equipment:

NOC specialists are responsible for the preventive maintenance of various network components. They instruct and replace switches on routers, configure new servers, test, and perform hardware and software upgrades to ensure the network is working properly due to failures or inactivity.

Schedule Field Technicians:

Sometimes it is necessary to fix a network problem; in these cases, NOC experts send information about network problems to network operators and ensure that they approach customers to work on network equipment. They keep up-to-date on technical issues, assist mobile operators on the phone, and keep a record of improvements made to each customer.

Record call results in the task:

NOC experts record all calls and record handwritten comments during each call. They follow up on decisions, talk to customers about ongoing issues, and use a ticket system to improve information and progress on any call.

Engineering and NOC authority:

Positive vision and quick response is an outstanding quality for those working in NOC. Of course, NOC engineers need special settings for its functions, such as:
  • Industry knowledge, design, infrastructure organization and business impact of events and brands
  • Specialist in management tools, ITSM tools, backups and DR tools
  • Knowledge of the subject and business process
  • Know what kind of incident, its diagnostic tools and methods
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
This project is at the forefront as the rapid detection and analysis of events is essential for the rapid identification and resolution of the event. Therefore, NOC engineers need to be trained full-time to effectively support the delivery of services, especially when working in a demanding work environment. The European Electronic Qualifications Framework identifies the areas of knowledge required by all service providers and these principles apply to NOC engineers, including:
  • How to determine what an IT service requires
  • Best practices and standards for the provision of IT services
  • Checking the performance of the service
  • Registration of the service and analysis of errors
  • Good work practices and standards for data storage management
  • web, cloud and mobile technology

NOC technology education and training:

Some employers are looking for work as NOC employees with a minimum of a degree or related field, although large companies may require a degree in IT, network engineering, or information technology. Studies in these areas provide instruction focusing on regional and wireless networks, network systems, databases, software development, communications and data communications. More training is needed for these professionals as they move forward with the development of new technologies. Professional certification, such as Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or CompTIA Network +, is not usually required, but it can help initiate or upgrade this process.

What happens within the NOC?

Organizers create NOCs for their site and their database. Some – especially for small IT teams, simple network environments or frequent IT/services – can deliver NOC performance from others. Other NOC companies are external agencies, specialized in surveillance services, specialized services, specialized cloud services, specialized services US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)..

Inside or outside, NOC members do all or part of the event:

  • Monitoring and network updates
  • Communication management
  • Firewall management
  • Performance and good report
  • Software installation, repair troubleshooting
  • Quality control and warranty
  • Process
  • Equipment and system modification
  • Check the patch
  • Mechanism to prevent intrusion
  • Feedback on the matter
  • Your database is protected
  • Email management
NOC staff are also responsible for violating the law, abusing or correcting those who are interested in doing business or who have problems relating to job description or compliance with the law.

Salary and expectations for NOC employees:

According to the BLS, NOC workers earn more than $ 62,000 annually. The 10 percent recipients earn almost $ 37,000, while the highest paid NOC employees earn about $ 105,000 a year. NOC employees working for the communications industry computer science are among the highest paid and receive a monthly salary of $ 72,000 per year. Data processing professionals receive the same amount of money, but NOC employees involved in corporate computer system configuration  Telecommunications Manager can earn more than $ 68,400. For more than $ 92,000, NOC employees working in the Columbia region receive an annual salary in the United States Best Freelance Marketplace, followed by Massachusetts (over $ 81,500) and New Jersey ($ 81,000). According to the BLS, NOC experts can expect 8 percent growth by 2026. Continued growth and growth in complex infrastructure could contribute to the expected growth in the next decade.

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