Offline marketing can be effective to a startup company: What are the best tactics?

Digital marketing is becoming quite popular and is no doubt one of the most used strategies these days. Online ads, blogs, social media posts, youtube videos are inexpensive and effective marketing strategies.

However, this popularity cannot cancel the effectiveness of offline marketing techniques. Traditional offline marketing techniques are still being used to promote businesses and achieve success. Want to know-how, have a look to get your hands on the best tactics, especially for startups.

1.   Business Cards

One of the most effective and trusted ways to spread the word about your business is the use of well-designed business cards. Create a business card that truly reflects the values and identity of your brand in front of your target audience.

Furthermore, a business card works as an extension to your brand. It must be consistent with other branding materials like the logo of the company, color palette, website of the brand, etc. You never know when you have to share important brand details with prospective clients, a business card comes in handy in such a situation. Create business cards of quality paper to create a good impression.

2.   Flyers and Pamphlets

Printed marketing materials like flyers and pamphlets are another amazing source of attracting the attention of the target audience. Flyers are being used for a long time now, but it doesn’t mean that they are of no use. Flyers are still an effective means of offline marketing.

Let your creativity do the job and create something different and unique. Flyers and pamphlets can help you reach out to your local audience and make an impression. Your flyers must be practical for reading, keeping, and saving.

3.   Offer Free Workshops

Being an expert in your field of business, you must take out time to give out free knowledge to the target audience. It can help you to increase leads for your business.

You can hold free workshops, be a guest at radio shows, TV shows and share valuable information regarding your chosen field. You can also publish your own column in newspapers or create your own blog to do the same. The main idea is to share information and build connections with your potential customers. Keep your information valuable and genuine at the same time.

4.   Community Engagement

Involving with the community is a trusted way to get your and your good business’s name out there. You can do volunteering, or sponsor a nonprofit organization to get your audience’s good books.

Try to find ways to engage your employees and support the community through donations, volunteer work, joining organizations to help local people and businesses. It will help in spreading good word about your business.

5.   Use Custom Apparel

Creating custom apparel for your brand is an amazing method of offline marketing. You can design custom work t-shirts, cool graphic t-shirts such as funny tshirts, vintage t-shirts, sarcastic t-shirts and many more. Hoodies, sweatshirts and use them to promote your business. Go for a minimalistic t-shirt design that supports your brand values and identity.

Branding hoodies, funny tshirts, and similar pieces of clothing ad distributing at events, parties, or business meetings among clients, customers, and target audience serve numerous benefits. Whenever a person wears your custom clothes, they are spreading the word about your brand wherever they go. Let your employees wear custom clothes at work and out too.

6.   Send out Press Releases

Focus on creating healthy relationships with relevant media in your area. With this, you can get favorable coverage from the local journalists. Try to know them and show them who you are and what your start-up is about before they start making their own assumptions. Moreover, get the story and inspiration of your brand ready and it should be worth listening to.  Invite the press, public officials, to your office and expand your business.

7.   Sending out Seasonal Cards and Gifts

Holidays are loved by almost everyone out there and surely your target audience and clients too. Send out seasonal cards and gifts to your clients. Use these special occasions to make your relationship stronger and your presence known.

Give out well-designed and thought, personalized greetings to show your clients that you care. They must know that they mean something to your brand. Other than this, you can give out special discounts, or offers on different holidays.

8.   Cross Promotion

Work with other brands that stand by similar values and business models as yours. You can co-sponsor events and work together for mutual benefit. Identity brands that can benefit from your customers and see if you can benefit from theirs.

Next, focus on product cross-promotions that will resonate with your customers. You need to figure out the product or service gaps that can e filled out by these promotional partnerships.

9.   Host Events

When you want to network in your community, you can cross-promote your business launch books, host events to market your business. Hosting events is one of the most inevitable parts of running a successful business. Planning events can help you network with professionals, customers, and potential clients. Also, it can assist in increasing your business’s outreach along with supporting your community.

Create event-exclusive promotions, products, and publications and promote your business with this smart approach. As a start-up, start small and work your way up with time.

10.                  Network as much as you can

Networking can help brands and especially startups enormously if done the right way. There are various ways to build a network for your startup in your locality. You must attend all the business activities happening in your area. Join mastermind groups, professional associations, clubs, attend meetings or relevant events, etc.

You should hang out where people from similar fields do, hang where your target audience does and understand them better and most importantly build connections. You need to get to know other business owners and industry professionals. Fortunately, if you are not a big fan of networking, you can do that online, by sitting at home. Plus, keep your business cards and elevator pitch ready at all times.

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