Perks of Using Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Indeed, storing and retrieving warehouse products is a time-consuming task. But thanks to technological innovations which have facilitated humankind on a large scale. Automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is software for storing, retrieving, and handling products in distribution areas, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities. Using this computer-controlled program unfolds many benefits for the business. 

This tool is a must for your business to mechanize your order fulfillment and warehouse operations. Spending on this system will be the right choice that will eventually pay off. Using automating warehouse tools saves time 10x than by working manually. Maintaining pace with current technological trends has become mandatory to uplift business growth. It will help include your company in the list of leading organizations.

Don’t let your workers opt for old-fashioned techniques, instead provide them with necessary automated systems. This blog post will walk you through some of the great advantages of ASRS. By the end of the document, you will surely make up your mind to use ASRS. Keep reading this script till the end. 

1. Minimum Labor Expenses

Adopting ASRS could make business owners minimize labor costs. What it means is that employing an ASRS will reduce the worker tasks. This system will take up the activities which used to be performed by the workers previously. Replacing human work with sortation conveyor systems will definitely make businesses not go for hiring extra workers. 

The businesses will not have to bear up salary and other employee benefits. This sort of investment will be long-lasting and will double up the business profitability. Instead of hiring more workers, it is better to invest in this automated tool and enjoy great advantages for the organization. 

2. Fewer Obstacles for Employees

In the previous section, we talked that ASRS frees business professionals from extra hiring. Besides this merit, it also makes life easier for the existing workforce. Workers who are involved in storing and retrieving products manually will be having fewer errors in their tasks. 

They will have accurate inventory details, fulfill orders at a time without any flaw. The automation in these tasks will give them extra time to focus on the other significant activities. Their working procedures will become smooth and they will experience fewer hurdles by using ASRS. 

3. Enhanced Employee Productivity

Another great advantage of using ASRS is to enhance employee productivity. When employees feel relaxed and have a cutting-edge system through which they accomplish tasks, there are chances of fewer human mistakes. There will be fewer chances of providing a product to the wrong customer. They find room to work on the other activities wholeheartedly. There will be less physical and mental exhaustion. 

Working on the other important tasks will not only expand their job profile but work productivity as well. This improved task productivity and efficiency will create an impact on the business bottom line. It means there will be more revenue and profit generation chances.  

4. Clean up Floor Space

Besides improving workers’ task performance, it also allows effective floor space utilization. Business dealers don’t have to purchase another warehouse or building to adjust inventory and other items. Adopting ASRS systems helps in utilizing wasted floorspace and therefore no need to go for expensive office expansion or redesigning. 

These systems need narrower aisles which will utilize less space in the facility. Using automated tools serves greater benefits than traditional equipment. Traditional ways of storing and retrieving items from the warehouse will be tiring and error-prone. 

5. Adequate Inventory Management

Automated storage and retrieval system is sort of an inventory management system as well. Apart from effective floor space utilization, this software streamlines inventory control. This tool will provide accurate inventory details available in the warehouse. Within clicks, inventory tracking is possible through the software. 

Nothing will go wrong with inventory handling anymore with this computer software. How much inventory to order, what is available and other details about redundant inventory will give you a perfectly managed warehouse. The investment will become more reasonable since you have to pay for only the required items. 

6. Facilitation in Picking Process

The manual picking process within the warehouse is prone to errors. Almost all the phases in this process have error possibilities. But utilizing ASRS also eradicates this issue. This piece of software will have the capacity to integrate with picking tools. 

The merging of both technologies will minimize the possibility of human mistakes. There will be accuracy in picking information. What items need to be picked, relevant details like assigned number and description, location and the quantity, etc. Moving the products in-house and outhouse will be dealt with great precision.   

7. Level up Picking Throughput

In a manual activity, pickers frequently take care of only each order but ASRS resolves this issue as well. The ASRS system scales up the pick throughput of around 50 lines each hour. It reduces the search time and physical activities to individual conveyance ideas to dispense with a walk and search time to twofold throughput. 

Coordinating pick-to-light systems that direct the administrator to the specific area of the pick increases the throughput rates two times.

8. Reformed Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to workplace safety and employees’ working pace in the office setup. It is basically about making a job fit for the workers. The contribution of ASRS in this is that it integrates with the technical applications and software which leads to enhanced employees’ ergonomics. 

In return, they will be having less work anxiety and strain. There will be minimal possibility of workplace injuries and issues. Consequently, employees will tend to work committedly and will not leave the organization. 

When all is said and done

Look for nothing but MWI Solutions whom you could collaborate with to have a top-notch automated storage and retrieval system like SICK. Having a word with them and acquiring this ASRS system will make you enjoy all the above-said benefits. It all adds up to operational efficiency, accuracy, and automation application which will double up your business performance perfectly. This unparalleled software piece must be utilized to define the competitive edge of your business. 

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