SAP HANA Server Hosting: A Step Guide to Drive Business Success

Numerous businesses nowadays are experiencing the benefits of cloud computing, and it is extremely useful both for SMEs and large corporations. There is a wide variety of affordable solutions, but not all companies using remote data processing solutions will succeed. It is crucial to have the right type of professional services deployment, and this is where SAP HANA server hosting comes in.

SAP HANA offers a variety of enterprise-level applications that cater to the business needs of many companies. Due to its real-time processing capabilities have become a cost-effective option for performing complex operations in industries such as retailing, insurance, banking, and healthcare. It integrates seamlessly with other SAP modules without any hindrance in performance. If you wish to know more about its features, refer to this guide on SAP HANA hosting.  

6 Key Attributes of SAP HANA Server Hosting

SAP HANA is a powerful platform that can scale its features to meet the needs of an organization as it grows. Running SAP HANA applications requires large amounts of data, thus it demands advanced infrastructure solutions. Most businesses that are still following the traditional approach to hardware infrastructure aren’t able to run and manage SAP HANA applications. With proper resources, businesses can easily benefit themselves.

SAP HANA offers a host of benefits to enterprises which offers end-to-end UI support, real-time analytics, open standards development, etc. Business users can improve their performance levels while ensuring seamless integration of applications on demand. Look at the key features that SAP HANA hosting offers in the following section.

1.      Simple & Economical

Businesses face a lot of issues today, and IT Management is one of the most notable. With increasing competition and pressure on IT cost management, it would be necessary to provide the best performance and consistent data availability at a minimal cost.

SAP HANA cloud hosting allows businesses to gain easy access to enormous amounts of big data to perform real-time analysis, which would otherwise take days or even weeks using other systems. It also ensures that businesses can run analytical application systems with utmost transparency and reduced costs.

2.      Employs Industry Best Practices

Very few companies work according to best practices, which has led to poor employee productivity, slow deployments, and overspending on SAP HANA hosting. While there are many best practices, some key ones can solve problems during the SAP HANA cloud hosting process. Having a plan is the first step to eliminating all errors, i.e., technical and non-technical.

3.      Empower Business

Setting up a cloud can be a slow and complicated process if not handled by the right people. Worse still, it is frustrating to find that your cloud environment extends your on-site storage rather than complements it. SAP cloud hosting services providers offer fast servers set up in a matter of hours, pre-configured for SAP HANA, and ready to go.

4.      Offer Easy Deployments

Deployment of SAP HANA is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when hosting your application on AWS. However, it is not an easy job due to the multiple factors involved. One needs to put in loads of effort while carrying out the deployment process to reap the benefits of deploying SAP HANA on AWS hosts. On a general note, for a successful deployment, one needs to use strategies such as choosing the right instance type, using proper system images containing support for SAP HANA and others.

5.      Helps in Mitigating Costs

Cost complexity and management of infrastructure supporting business-critical applications become a business metric. Businesses leverage a low-cost, highly efficient infrastructure to support SAP HANA tools for stable, efficient, and predictable performance. HANA Cloud Platform satisfies both the management and performance requirements of the business-critical application with its scalable and flexible self-service model.

6.      Ensure Seamless Integration of Applications

Migrating to the cloud server is not easy since it is a complex process that calls for more expertise. You need to be careful of all details while migrating to the cloud server due to its complexities. Your productivity might suffer if you are not aware of some aspects. Hence, it is essential to know about your on-premise, cloud or third-party sources to easily migrate to the cloud server.

If you are looking for an enterprise-level data management solution, opt for SAP HANA server hosting services offered by Webyog. Our cloud hosting platform provides seamless collaboration of your business applications. It facilitates end-to-end process visibility thus enabling the integration of non-SAP sources with the utmost data protection, security and compliance level of your business applications.

When Should You Move to SAP HANA Hosting?

SAP HANA is a next-generation in-memory computing system that accelerates analytical applications while reducing cost. The end-user can gain quick insight into their internal operations through powerful self-service tools. SAP HANA hosting enables the users to get the best of the new technology and real-time access to data. If you aren’t aware of when is the right time to move to SAP cloud hosting, consult with the experts.


Choosing a reliable service provider offering SAP HANA server hosting is crucial because it saves you the hassle of managing the hardware and application software across different sites. Knowing how best practices are followed can help you get better value for your cloud budget while reducing more than 70% deployment time. Thus, if you are looking for one such provider that can offer your SAP HANA hosting plans meeting your budget, contact Go4hosting experts. Select from a wide selection of SAP Cloud hosting packages that best suits your budget and hosting needs.

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