Secrets of Writing A Dissertation: Important Thing A University Student Must Know

Do you know the secrets of writing a dissertation?

Yes, you read it right.

Don’t be surprised.


There are few secrets you should know before writing a dissertation.

Well, we all know, writing a dissertation is likely the last project you have to complete before getting your master’s or Ph.D. degree.


It is an essential step in a student’s life. However, some students find it complicated because they are doing it for the first time.



But, don’t worry!


Having an awareness of these obstacles is the best way of overcoming them. In this blog, I will mention some secrets that will help you to meet deadlines and prepare for the final defense.


But first, do you know what exactly a dissertation is?


A dissertation (sometimes called a Thesis) is a research assignment that is created as a part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The project aims to check the independent research skills of students. It allows students to present their findings in response to a question or statement that they choose themselves. It is used to help in determining their final grade.


The length of a dissertation differs between study level and country. It is generally around 10,000-12,000 words at the undergraduate level. And 15,000-25,000 words at the master’s level. It will be up to 50,000 words or more at the Ph.D. level.


Although, before you write the dissertation, you have to present the dissertation’s proposal, purpose, and idea. If the committee finds your idea unique and relevant, they will approve research over it.


Your overall concept and goal for the dissertation should be understandable to the committee, and you should practice with one of your professors and dissertation advisors.


Now, let’s move to the secret of writing a dissertation.




Following are some secrets you should know before writing a dissertation;


Start Early

For some reason, the most challenging part of writing the dissertation is maybe the initial step. The first step can sometimes involve meeting with a professor, selecting a dissertation topic, or opening and saving a word document named “Dissertation.” Despite your first step, collect some courage and take it! The sooner you start your dissertation process, the more motivated you will be to take the next step and endeavor to defend on time.


Take Small Steps

Prefer small steps during dissertation writing. When your first concept is understood, then move towards the next step. It will help you in making every step as simple as opening up a document and naming it.

However, keep things slow and regular; don’t worry about the next step until the current stage is organized into your daily schedule.


Create a Long-term and Short-term Work plan

Your graduate project will have lots of pillars and tasks to finish over a few months. Create a long-term and short-term plan to keep your project organized.


Set Realistic Goal

It is essential to set realistic goals. This is the one way of succeeding in what you are capable of achieving. That’s why setting short-term, achievable goals that suit your daily life schedule is essential.


Anticipate Challenges

Unfamiliar obstacles may come up at any point in your dissertation writing process. Some of these hurdles may or may not be in your control. Thus, it is vital to have a Plan B.

Remember to stay calm with each challenge and study your options. You may not always have the perfect choices, but make the best of what you have and keep going.


Imagine Yourself facing your Audience.

It is ever a good practice to keep repeating your thesis and motivation in your mind. Always create thoughts in your mind and cross-question about different aspects of the theory. The more you maintain yourself in your imagination, the more ideas you will get. Sooner you can write out any confusion.


Ask For Help

The task of writing a dissertation is not a piece of cake. While writing a dissertation, there are a lot of queries and problems that arrive in the mind. At that moment, do not forget to ask and take help from your professors. Feel free to contact them.


Don’t Give Up

When you start writing a dissertation, you often feel there is nothing more about your writing topic. And this is everything you can think of. Don’t take this feeling to defeat you. The human brain is the single area that is never out of ideas and thoughts. Take small breaks and then proceed with writing. Use a technique that helps you be creative and freshen up.


Don’t Forget Yourself.

Well, writing a dissertation is similar to a marathon. It needs a lot of mental, emotional, and physical endurance. Thus, it is essential to be kind to yourself. Remind yourself to stay positive and think about other parts of your life where you faced problems and overcame them.



To sum up, we discussed the secrets of writing a dissertation that will help you meet your deadline and prepare for the final defense. Keep these points into your mind before writing a dissertation. I hope this blog assists you in achieving good grades and success in your academics.


Good Luck!

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