Simple steps to fold a travel t-shirt

What comes to your mind with the term tourist or traveller? An easy-going individual with a smiling face, casual and happy look, a cap or hat on the head, casual trousers, and of course colourful and stylish t-shirts. All other outfits and accessories can change but not the t-shirts. A tourist’s backpack inevitably contains half a dozen t-shirts of different designs and if he or she is a regular traveller there would be a few custom hoodies also. Life outside becomes easy with t-shirts and hoodies. T-shirts are easy to carry, don’t take much space, and are sustainable even after hundreds of washes. All you need to know is how to finely fold a travel t-shirt? 

Learn to fold a t-shirt – the easiest method

Folding a t-shirt is not rocket science but of course, it is a skill that you need to learn and practice. If you can fold a t-shirt skillfully, you can save lots of space on the backpack or baggage. Master the process of pinch and fold to keep a t-shirt absolutely fresh and wrinkle-free.

Step 1: You need a flat surface like a table or your bed. Spread the shirt fully on the table with its front part down. So, the designed part where any slogan or image is printed touched the flat surface. 

Step 2: Stretch the sleeves as much as possible to the normal position. Tug the collar and hem on. Smooth the whole surface of the t-shirt out with your hands to remove the wrinkles. If there are several stubborn wrinkles, it is better to iron them out before folding the t-shirt. 

Step 3: Now, fold the t-shirt from both sides from the shoulder fold to inside the surface of the shirt that is facing you. Start from any one side; say, from left to right or vice versa. Do this act softly gripping the hem and shoulder on each side. Don’t disturb the normal orientation of the sleeves. This way, it seems that the shirt possesses three parts. In case, the sleeves are a little longer than usual, you have to back fold a part of the sleeves on both sides. 

Step 4: You are almost done. Now, bottom-up the shirt up to the collar by holding the hem from two sides with your hands. This will cut up the length of the shirt to half. In this step keep in mind that using two hands is imperative; otherwise, you may lose the previous folds. 

Step 5: This is the last step. Just repeat the previous step to fold the shirt further. This time, you will not get the hem but hold the two corners with your two hands and repeat the process. Now, the shirt will be one-fourth of its original length. 

You are done with folding a t-shirt most systematically and accurately. While packing the shirts, keep in mind that you have to fold all the t-shirts and custom hoodies in the same pattern. Folding a t-shirt is fun but a skillful act. 

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