Ten Current Trends in Children’s Books: What Kids Want to Read

I’m sure you had a few favourite storybooks as a kid that you would read again and over. These books most likely sparked your interest in strange and amazing creatures like dragons and unicorns, which often led to you pretending to be them. Children are inspired to be bold, kind, and compassionate by books, and they are also encouraged to fall in love with reading.

Although it may appear to be a daunting undertaking to consider entering the children’s book market, research has revealed room for even more growth and a plethora of options for aspiring authors. Children’s book sales are increasing, particularly in the middle grade and young adult categories.

Do you want to write your first children’s book? Take a look at the ten current trends below by book writing to help you write a best-seller!

Ten Current Trends in Children Book:

Females who are in charge.

Now, this is a cause we can support! More and more books are beginning to feature a varied range of strong female characters. Some stories feature young girls who inspire change or accomplish something noteworthy. In contrast, others include real-life characters like Hilde, a female journalist from the Hilde Cracks the Case book series. All of them share a common theme: being proud of who you are as a woman!


In all these years, dragons have never lost their position in storybooks. They’ve even made their way into adult programs like The Witcher and Game of Thrones. This demonstrates that the theme of dragons may be enjoyed by both young and old.


Yes, this popular dog breed has taken the world by storm and made its way into the realm of children’s books. These books are full of humor and frequently feature goofy pugs that keep kids entertained while they read. Pig the Pug is very popular at the moment.


Children are fascinated by the worlds of magic, mystery, and glitz. Unicorns are a colorful and exciting way to convey this.

Unicorns, like dragons, have a place in literature. The majority of unicorn-themed books convey important principles like friendship and kindness. Such books include Phoebe and Her Unicorn, The Last Unicorn, and Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great.

Creatures of the Wild.

Children will always be captivated by animals, and what better way to educate them than via books featuring amusing, fascinating, and empowering animal characters, such as those featured in best-sellers like Giraffes Can’t Dance and The Pout-Pout Fish?

Video games.

Video games are slowly making their way onto the pages of books and vice versa. Understandably, worlds, people, monsters, and villains would find their way into children’s literature because there’s so much to give in terms of worlds, characters, monsters, and villains. Younger children can benefit from books like Press Start! to help them feel as inspired and involved as their older siblings who play video games.

Ghosts, Monsters, and Other Terrifying Things.

There has been a progressive increase in novels that talk about eerie (but not too scary) ghosts, monsters, and hideous ghouls in a way that piques children’s curiosity while remaining non-terrifying.

Some boys and girls, just like dragons and unicorns, are fascinated with zombies and monsters. Stories like Ghosts and Eerie Elementary, usually designated for older students, are becoming increasingly popular among young readers.

Goofy and gross.

Gross and goofy will always spark the interest of readers, regardless of their age. These types of books were popular in the past and will continue to be popular in the future! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series opened the way for this genre.


The popularity of mystery and “whodunnit” literature is gradually increasing, with a strong following in 2019 and a strong following in 2020 and 2021. Young readers are enthralled by the idea of young characters solving crimes and solving mysteries. Spy-fueled escapades are here to stay, as evidenced by books like It Wasn’t Me and Mac Undercover.

Non-Fictional Titles.

There is room for kid-friendly nonfiction publications that teach kids about the world among all the fantasy-inspired storybooks. National Geographic for Kids, which displays and describes the natural world in an easy-to-understand, colorful fashion, is arguably the most popular book series in this genre.

Trending Children Book Niches:

Trends come and go, but when it comes to children’s books, there are a few themes that remain constant.

Colouring Books:

Instead of focusing on simple graphics, coloring books now include a wider range of topics. Some even narrate a story, which children can follow while coloring. For older kids, titles like Harry Potter: The Colouring Book and Seuss Colouring Book will keep their interest in coloring alive.

Choose Your Adventure:

The classic choose-your-own-adventure books have returned! These are interactive storybooks in which the reader chooses the character’s journey through the story, ultimately settling on a different ending. Novels like Dungeons and Dragons: Endless Quest and Midnight Arcade show that these books have a market.

Activity Book:

Colouring in parts, stickers, join-the-dots, locate what’s missing, and other activities can be found in activity books. These books are geared at older children, although simple activity books like First Words Sticker Activity Book assist young children in learning words and numbers by using stickers.

Fantasy, Mythology, and Time Travel:

Mythology, fantasy, and time travel will never go out of style, and they’re a great method to pique young readers’ interest because plot twists and turns are synonymous with these types of literature. These tendencies may be seen in films like Time Sight, The Storm Keeper’s Island, and The Storm Runner.

Life Lessons:

Life lessons are an important part of any story. Books that teach children about sharing, diversity, body positivity, and politeness are important in forming a young reader’s mentality and developing humility and tolerance. One such example is the New York Times best-seller Rock What Ya Got.


Though fashions come and go, what remains constant is that, regardless of the book’s content, significant lessons are imparted with each page turn, which the reader will ideally apply to their own lives.

Incorporate cultural tolerance, comedy, good manners, and morality into your story. You’ll have one major section of your book covered, which is sure to draw readers and appeal to parents who will undoubtedly purchase your books for their children.

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