The 5 Best Loungewear Tips for Men in 2021

Loungewear is the perfect excuse for all men to truly dress down without trying too much. You want to look cool and good, but you cannot be bothered putting much effort when you are relaxing at home? Well, that is why the loungewear niche has been introduced and is a dominating facet of the fashion industry. But I’m sure you would like to try on loungewear that seems more functional.

Yes, you are relaxing but it is more realistic and practical to know that life is spontaneous and things can just happen. In a matter of minutes, you could be forced to enter into the outside world, what’s the harm of having the appropriate loungewear that can make you presentable both in and outside your home? Do you want to be ready for anything? Here are a few tips for you to look stylish and on trend in the loungewear world boys:

1.     Sweatpants & Joggers

There is a reason sweatpants are at the top this year. Make sure you have wool, silk, cotton and cashmere sweatpants in your loungewear wardrobe. Yes, comfort is essential but so is style. It is not you just wearing the sweatpants, the pants have to wear you!

This means, purchasing sweat pants that are flattering is the key to being on trend. You could also opt for some jogger pants, which happen to be a bit more breathable if you need to move around a lot and are perfect for a walk outside, whenever you feel like leaving the house. What are you waiting for? Get yourself the best quality men’s loungewear pants before they are all sold out.

2.     Tracksuits & PJs

Talk about practical?! Flexibility and versatility come with your very own sweater tracksuit. You truly cannot go wrong. Not only will you be embraced by warm and comfy material, you will definitely ooze swagger.

Look effortlessly chic this year, layer the tracksuit and make space in your closet for a set of tracksuits that are sure to be worn quite a bit this year. If you are too lazy to style up your tracksuit the right pyjamas should do the trick. Incorporate your personal style. You could go for the popular big stripes or opt for the pastel colours and get a more laid-back look.

3.     The Simple Tee

Forget about all that t-shirt tucking. Fill up your wardrobe with the best quality t-shirts that are comfortable and fashionable. Strike a balance with a collection of neutral tones, a bit of detailing and vivid pops of colour.

4.     Hoodies

Hoodies have been a ‘must have’ for a while now. Not only in loungewear, but in men’s fashion in general. You will be ready for basically anything when you have a hoodie on. You can literally pair hoodies with anything. From shorts, denims, sweatpants to boxers! You also have a range of options to choose from. Plain hoodies, graphic hoodies, printed or colour-block, the list is endless. Maybe get an extra cupboard ready for your loungewear this time around?

5.     Remember the Feet

Did you forget your feet? You need to complete your loungewear ensemble with the right footwear. Bathroom slippers are just not enough. I would suggest replacing your sticky old bathroom slippers for a more elevated look, with sliders. You could even go for luxury slippers made with leather or give you an extra plush with that touch of velvet. Always remember to complete your look with the right footwear!

Elevate your loungewear game this year and end up looking effortless on trend this 2021.

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