The Perfect Introduction to Purchasing a Best Magento2 Extensions in 2021

The eCommerce business has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. Many small businesses have made use of online space to grow their business. Customers are now relying more on eCommerce stores rather than physical stores. If you want to start your business online, you may need a website and the best platform to develop eCommerce websites is ‘Magento’. You will also get the benefit of Magento 2 Extensions to customize your website and add more functionalities to it. 

Magento accounts for around 15% of all online stores. This shows the immense popularity of the use of the Magento platform. However, after developing the Magento eCommerce website, you may think about how to still improve the functions and functionalities of the store. Then, you don’t need to worry because there are many Magento 2 Modules or extensions that will help you to do so.

Magento2 extensions play a crucial role in the popularity of Magento. The extensions are highly scalable, so any type of business can use them and use them as per their business growth.

In this post, we will give an introduction to the best Magento2 extensions of 2021

Best Magento2 extensions in 2021


  1. Nosto Personalization


When it comes to the personalization of eCommerce websites, Nosto is the best extension for it.  It also displays the recommendation of customized products online. Retail and digital eCommerce executives can benefit from Nosto’s AI-powered store personalization. Nosto is used by more than 100 brands that use the Nosto extension for their store. 

Nosto analyzes the data points across the entire store in real-time. Without the need for dedicated IT resources, users may create, deploy, and optimize marketing programs. You will get the Nosto extension easily from the magento extension store. 

  1. One-step checkout


You may find that some customers like the product and add the product to the cart, but they don’t buy the product. This is becoming a headache for the eCommerce store owners. To avoid this situation, you must try using the Magento2 one-step checkout extension. The extension helps the store owners to generate more revenue with existing lead generation. 

The one-step checkout extension simplifies the checkout process of the store. With the help of this extension, cart abandonment is reduced by 66%, checkout time is reduced by over 80%, and conversion rates are up by over 30%. 

The extension integrates the checkout pages and boosts the speed of the purchasing process by avoiding abandoned carts. The extension is developed with the support of the Magneto community itself. 

  1. Magento 2 Shop by Brand

The extension allows customers to shop for their desired product with a new level of experience. By this extension, customers can explore the dedicated brand pages of their preferred brands before making a purchase.

Magneto 2 shop by brand extension helps merchants in creating brands with logos & names. It works with layered navigation and also allows you to search for brands instantly.

  1. Custom Stock Status


If you want to give accurate information to the customers regarding the stock availability then you can use the Custom stock status extension. The extension can help to catch the attention of the users by the eye-catching statuses and tend them to buy more. 

You can use this extension to develop various custom stock statuses and assign them to products manually or automatically. Also, the extension is fully optimized for mobile. So, use this extension to alert the customers about the stock availability and tend them to buy more.

  1. Advanced SEO Suite


Today, SEO plays a major role in the success of eCommerce stores or websites. SEO i.e. Search engine optimization helps the website to rank higher if used properly. People only click on the top search results, so if your website is ranked higher than more, people will visit your site and buy the product.


The Advanced SEO suite extension automates the SEO settings and saves the time that is used for SEO. By this extension, you can acquire advanced rich snippets, create meta-tags using templates, create an advanced sitemap for Google, and easily manage all redirects. So, you must use this extension to increase your visibility and sales as well.


  1. Reward points


Today, many businesses use loyalty programs to gain the trust and loyalty of the programs. The loyalty points will increase customer retention and also reduce your marketing budget. 

The Reward points extension can help you to gain the loyalty of your customers, increase conversion rate, and attract new customers to your website. It will also help in brand awareness, improving the shopping experience of customers, and customer satisfaction. 

You can set up your own reward system and its rules. You can decide the parameters that the customer has to achieve to gain the reward points. You can get this extension at Magento Marketplace Extension

  1. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation


TaxJar Sales Tax Automation is concerned with the organization’s business accounting and financial activities. It automates various business processes related to accounting and taxation. Thus, it saves your time, energy and money. It is one of the best magento 2 extensions. 

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation is a simple & lightweight extension. It also helps in tasks other than accounting and taxation, as it helps in establishing connections to various other channels like Amazon, eBay, etc. 



In conclusion, we would say that in Magento, you will get many extensions that can be extremely beneficial for your business. The extensions that we have mentioned in this post are the best extensions in 2021. These extensions will help in enhancing your stores’ functionality and enhancing the shopping experience of the users.

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