Top 10 Treks In India

Chadar Trek

Heaven for thrill chasers and a biker’s dream track, the Chadar trek offers incredible stretches of roads with its best surroundings with the tranquil lakes and charming mountains. Chadar Trek comes with a challenging activity, in which you have to walk over the frozen river while the gut-wrenching cracking sound of ice below your feet can be heard! Chadar trek is one of the toughest treks in India and only remains open during the winter months of January and February. It is rested at the Zanskar river, by a small district in Kargil at a 105 km distance from Leh. This river freezes and gets covered by a thick layer of snow. The adventure of the Chadar trek is introduced from Tilat Sumdo. 

Kedarkantha Trek

In the Indian Himalayas, the Kedarkantha trek is one of the most favored treks by trekkers, appreciating the attraction of charming forests, unique campsites and clearings, scenic views and most importantly the rewarding summit climb. Welcoming for beginners as well as adept trekkers, Kedarkantha is also a classic trek for the winter season that takes you to remotest villages in frosty weather offering entrancing lakes, mountains, rivers and the great Himalayan peaks. Seated at the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park at an elevation of 12,500 feet, this trek stretches for 6 days giving an incredible trek experience with a moderately easy climb. Along with a satisfying summit climb, the Kedarkantha trek offers some steady steep ascent and is introduced from a small village called Sankri.

Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass is a classic trek, accepted as one of the best Himalayan summer season treks to do. Seated at a height of 15, 279 feet, it has one of the largest ascents and exhibits something new with every few steps taken. The trail goes beside the Rupin river, best real estate marketplace small pleasing villages, snow-covered meadows, bridges, valleys and fields with the view of countless waterfalls. A refreshing deal for summer days! Rupin Pass trek spans about 7 days offering a moderate to difficult trekking experience with a gratifying journey.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is raised at a height of 14,100feet, offering spectacular views with adventurous experiences. Located near the well-known Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, it grants the great Himalayan views, green meadows, an alpine lake and an ethereal colour changing lake which attracts the attention of many by its beauty. Bhrigu Lake changes its colour with the changing seasons. In winters it gets emerald green whereas during the summers it turns to captivating blue. At approximately 20 km north of the town Manali, Bhrigu lake can be accessed from Gulaba. This unusual grassland trek with 26km of trekking distance stretches for 4 days with a moderately easy trek experience.

Kashmir Great Lakes

Kashmir Great Lakes is called a paradise that grants you the enchantments of Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake or Gangabal Twin lakes, and Kashmir’s mesmerizing meadows. Located 75 km northeast of Srinagar, it has Sonmarg as the starting point while Naranag is the ending. A 7-day trek with a total trekking distance of 72km at the altitude of 13,800feet. Kashmir Great Lakes is best recommended during the unearthing time of monsoon for the best of Himalayan beauty and for the wanderlust into the astonishingly beautiful landscapes, lush plains, wildflowers and wilderness.

Goechala Trek

Goechala trek of Sikkim is your golden opportunity to get a close-up view of the third highest peak Mt Kanchenjunga and Singalila range from the Dzongri top that is unique to this trek only. Rested at a high elevation of 16, 207 feet, it is famous for its adventure-packed accent and splendid views throughout the journey. Kanchenjunga National Park blesses it with pure beauty and pretty flora and fauna. Goechala is popular among trekkers for its big summit, not meant for the weak-hearted. This 10-day trek offers a difficult trek to the summit, therefore, the fitness and good health of the trekkers are a prerequisite for this one. 

Tarsar Marsar

Found at Aru Valley in Jammu and Kashmir, Tasar Masar is known for being one of the best monsoon treks to do in the Himalayas. Unworldly indeed, this 6-day trek offers to camp alongside the royal blue alpine lakes nurtured with little snow as covering on it. Away from the mundane and monotonous, the Tarsar Marsar is surrounded by a surreal peace, water raging to huge lakes, mountains with horses and grazing sheep, the village of Aru, and the clearings of Lidderwat. This moderate trek goes into the core of Jammu and Kashmir. Here, July and August get mild rainfall as the Pir Panjal range prevents most monsoon clouds from reaching the Kashmir valley. This, in fact, makes the trek more comfortable, beautiful and hassle-free.

Buran Ghati Trek

Another classic trek with beautiful flora, thick forests, glacial lake, lovely campsites, exhilarating passes, and an exciting rappel down the Buran Pass. Buran Ghati is a pack trek equivalent to engaging with several different treks, this is the reputation of the Buran Ghati Trek. Located in the popular hill station Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, at an amazing altitude of 15,059 feet, this trek gets introduced from the ancient village of Janglik and ends at Barura spanning for 7 days with 37km of trekking distance. Buran Ghati trek offers a moderate to difficult trek experience with rapid scenery changes, forests, old houses, fruit-bearing trees, alleyways, and green meadows.  

Hampta Pass

At an elevation of 14,065 feet, Hampta Pass is known for its gripping crossings when it comes to Himalayan treks. Popularly remarked as a sister of Valley of Flowers Trek, it also embraces lush grasslands, alpine meadows of conifer forest, raging streams, waterfalls, steep glaciers and the serene environment just as elegantly. Hampta Pass holds the parched landscape and mountains of Lahaul and also enfolds the green valley of Kullu. This 5-day trek with a 35 km of trek distance offers a moderate level of difficulty with its dramatic climb. Monsoon months are the best period of this trek.

Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati is one of the highest altitude treks in the Himalayas at 17,400 feet of astounding elevation with very engulfing views. This trek gets you amidst steep inclines, snow-capped mountains, stunning landscapes, valleys and Buddhist villages with preserved old temples. The captivating change from the cold and mountain desert area of Spiti to rich landscapes with flora and fauna in Parvati Valley catch the attention of travellers. As one of the toughest treks in the region, Pin Parvati trek extends a challenging trekking experience. The best recommended time for this 9-day trek is from July to September with 110km of trekking distance. The temperature ranges from 16°C to 20°C at day and can drop to 0°C to 4°C at night.

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