Top-quality Virgin Hair Extensions To Shop In Affordable Price

Recreate gorgeous hairstyles with these affordable brands with quality products 

With several hair extensions on the market, it’s simple to acquire substandard hair; the hair could be of poor quality for a high price or even good quality for a ridiculous price.

It is only natural for us to look for better deals, and a few brands sell premium quality hair at an amazing rate. 

Women deserve to have the hair of their dreams, and we have gone above and beyond to find the best virgin hair brands, which will help you shop for virgin hair extensions at an affordable price. 

First Brand: True Glory Hair 

True Glory Hair is a hair brand that deals with virgin Brazilian hair wigs, bundles, closures, frontals, extensions, and other accessories. 

The brand literally offers the best hair at an affordable rate. True Glory Hair has five locations spread across Georgia and one in Charlotte, NC.  

Here are virgin hair extensions that you need to get your hands on from True Glory Hair. 

Virgin Brazilian Clip-Ins: Body Wave And Straight

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip-In Hair Extension 

Virgin Brazilian Clip-Ins are available in two textures, i.e., Straight and Body Wave. You can shop from three incredible lengths and contains nine pieces. The clip-in hair extensions are made of premium hair that is built to last. 

The great thing about these extensions? They are tangle-free, and the cuticles are aligned. You have the freedom to treat Straight and Body Wave Extensions like your natural hair can be dyed and straightened with ease. 

Virgin Brazilian Hair Bundles 

Shop from a variety of virgin hair bundles from True Glory Hair 

If you are looking for affordable bundles for a semi-permanent style, look no further than True Glory Hair. Find these high-quality bundles at an affordable rate under their Brazilian Hair Collection. 

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Bundles 

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Bundles from the best virgin hair brand 

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Bundle is a popular choice among customers. The virgin Remy hair extensions are quite versatile, and the wavy pattern offers a gorgeous volume whether you straighten or curl them. 

You can get the desired look in straight, wavy, and deep wavy texture, starting at $83. Talk about affordability!

Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly Bundles

Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly Bundles that are affordable and soft 

Kinky Virgin Brazilian Bundles from True Glory Hair is available in five beautiful lengths to be sewn in or used as a ponytail extension. 

The bundles start at $108, and the curls look and feel soft and natural. These bundles are great for women who want to enhance their natural curls. 

You can also shop for Virgin Brazilian Kinky Straight Bundles for a freshly blown-out look from $100. Kinky Straight Virgin Bundles are available in eight lengths!

The bundles mimic 4a, 4b, and 4c blown-out texture and are made with 100% raw Virgin Brazilian Hair. 

Second Brand: Kinky Curly Yaki

Kinky Curly Yaki is a brand that deals in hair extensions and hair accessories that are handmade. Whether you want a soft, fresh head of curls or a pin-straight ponytail, the brand assures that they will fit your texture exactly.

A great thing about Kinky Curly Yaki is that buyers can order hair samples before purchasing a whole set. 

Here are a few hair extensions from Kinky Curly Yaki that you need to get into. 

My Curls Clip-In Extensions 

My Curls Clip-In Extensions 

My Curls Clip-In Extensions are available in three lengths, and you can choose from two types of coverage, i.e., 50% or 100%. 

These extensions replicate a 3c curly texture and can be color-treated. The extensions blend effortlessly. 

My Curls 60 gram is a five-set clip-in extension and is equivalent to half a bundle. These extensions add volume to the crown area. My 

Curls Clip-In Hair Extensions start from $185 and go up depending on the length of the coverage. 

My Coils Ponytail Extensions

My Coils Ponytail Hair Extension 

My Coils Ponytail Extensions are easy to install and transforms your look in under a minute. The ponytail extensions replicate 4A kinky hair and come with drawstrings and two combs attached for easy application. 

Shop from three varying lengths to get the look you want. Sporting a ponytail hairstyle has never been easier! The ponytail extensions start at $142 and up. 

My Coils Wefts 

Afro kinky wefts 

Achieve the hairstyle of your dreams with My Coils Wefts. These weave hair can be sewn to achieve a semi-permanent look with beautiful textures that replicate 4A curls. Choose from seven lengths and achieve a voluminous look. 

The downside is that these wefts are only available in natural black color. Kinky Curly Yaki’s weft extensions start from $164 for their shortest length. 

Third Brand: Yummy Extensions 

Yummy Extensions deals with raw and unprocessed human hair extensions, lace closures and frontals, and more. The hair is organically sourced and offers versatility. 

Here are hair extensions that you need to consider from Yummy Extensions.

Clip-Ins Raw LAO Wavy 

LAO Wavy Clip-In Hair Extensions for a seamless look 

Raw LAO Wavy Clip-In Extensions are easy to install, and these extensions are seven-piece set with varying weft sizes. These extensions are double drawn and single wefted. With adequate maintenance, these clip-in hair extensions last for years.

As the extensions are made with human hair, they can be heat styled and colored to your liking. 

Yummy Extensions also offer clip-ins in Soft Kinks and Straight Blow-Out textures for those looking for additional volume and texture. 

The price for clip-ins varies from texture to texture and length. 

Raw Cambodian Natural Wave

Gorgeous wavy hairstyles at an affordable rate 

Yummy’s Raw Cambodian Natural Wave bundles are medium-luster and blend effortlessly with natural and relaxed hair. The Natural Wave bundles are made with raw, unprocessed hair from Cambodia, and the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction. 

The wefts are undetectable and make any sew-in look natural and fabulous with a thick and dense texture. You can shop from 12 lengths, and the hair starts from $114. 

Yummy Virgin Loose Curls 

Virgin Loose Curls for a voluminous look 

Virgin Loose Curls are bundles that are available in six lengths and do not contain any synthetic fibers. These bundles can be straightened to achieve a bone-straight look and will revert back to their original state after the bundles are washed. 

The great about these Virgin Loose Curls is that you will experience minimal shedding with adequate care. These bundles start at $150 and upwards. 

You can use the extensions to achieve mesmerizing ponytail hairstyles that you would with virgin hair ponytail extensions

These are three top-quality hair extensions brands where you can shop for amazing extensions made from different hair at an affordable rate. 

Look out for deals and sales from brands to save even more!

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