Water Purifier: How To Choose The Right One

‘Health is wealth’– all of us must have heard this famous proverb. Good health is the key to stay positive and energetic from the inside. To have a healthy mind and body, you need to eat clean, have a proper diet with adequate minerals, and exercise regularly. In addition, drinking pure water keeps you one step ahead to maintain your health. So, experts always recommend having purified water to eliminate the contaminants from your regular tap water.

Water purifiershave become a basic requirement in our daily lives to keep us away from various water-carrying diseases. In addition, having a water purifieralways ensures that you are drinking contaminant-free pure water to keep you healthy, fit, and energetic throughout the day.

You get several advantages from drinking filtered water. It ensures you contaminants free water and gives your family extra security by eliminating other chemicals carried through unfiltered water. Sometimes your regular tap water may have chlorine, lead, iron named chemicals that are harmful to your health. Water purifier abolishes all these chemicals and provides you safe water to drink. You can have faith in Kent RO service Bangalore is always ready to serve your water purifier and ensures that you are drinking filtered pure water. Purified water also aids you in protecting your heart, kidney and saves you from gastrointestinal problems. It also gives you glowing, smooth, and healthy skin and hair.

How To Know Which One Is Best

Water purifiers have various benefits, but choosing the right water purifier has become the main concern nowadays. To add on, it may seem to you difficult to understand the best fit for you. So, let’s understand which purifier can be of your fit-

  • Checking TDS

Choosing the right water purifier is very confusing to all. But to find the right purifier, you need first to know the source of your tap water and get it tested for hardness, salinity, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). According to WHO, drinking water is unpalatable if the TDS level is greater than 1000 mg/liter. In addition, your regular tap water contains bacteria, germs, iron, lead, chlorine. So, you should buy a purifier that can remove all these contaminants from your water. Kent RO service Bangalore can prove to be useful for you in that way.

Furthermore, your regular water can have arsenic, protozoa, nitrates, and other impurities, which is not good for your health. Water purifiers that have UV+UF purification can get your water rid of most bacteria and viruses. To add more, if you have municipally provided water, a RO purifier can be best suited for you. Before you buy, it is always wiser to look at the mentioned specifications and TDS range of popular water purifier brands available in the market.

  • Analyze The Storage Capacity

Before you buy a purifier, you should first analyze the daily water consumption of your family and then choose the purifier according to its capacity. For instance, if you have 2-4 members in your family, then 5-8 liters of water may suffice for you. So you can always pick up the purifier of your needs.

  • Check The Service And Maintenance Cost

Generally, water is purified through various layers, and it needs to be maintained at regular intervals. Before buying a purifier, you should always consider the service they provide and the maintenance charges. Companies who offer service promptly may get extra benefits. Some purifiers offer AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost), and some charge you based on the water usage or consumption and not on a fixed yearly cost. So you should get hold of this prior information before you buy a purifier. You need to know which you can afford or your requirements and then you can buy it.

  • Safety Features

While buying a water purifier, you should look for extra features and functions. Filters are an essential part of water purification, and it needs to change from time to time. For example, some purifiers alert you a few days before so that you can know when to book an appointment for service. In addition, some purifiers come with the advanced feature that immediately shuts off the water supply option if filters are not changed despite warming.

Apart from aforesaid things, you need to consider other things as well. For example, some purifiers cost huge electricity consumption and add more expenses to your life. Therefore, you can avoid those purifiers. Moreover, there are electric and non-electric purifiers available in the market, but it is up to you whether you need an electric purifier or a non-electric purifier. But first, you should contemplate your necessity and then choose the right one for your needs.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every problem; similarly, there is no one perfect water purifier for every household. Which water purifier can be best for you depends on your requirements and the area you live in. You should get your area’s water tested and then choose your water purifier. But it is always advised to use a water purifier to prevent diseases and retain your family fit, healthy, and sound.

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