What are the 4 Essays Types? Best Tips to Produce Compelling Essays

A well-structured and effective essay introduces the subject matter, presents the main arguments in a logical, clear, and coherent manner, and concludes by reinforcing the main ideas and gives a sense of closure.

Essays are long-form academic writing assignments that persuade your reader about a particular topic. There are four essays types: narrative, descriptive, argumentative, and expository. Each type has a unique purpose. Your planning and research depend on the essay’s types. That is why It’s significant to know the type of essay your academic assignment falls into. Effective essay writing has become a significant part of a student’s academic success. The reason why academic institutes focus on essay writing is that: it polishes your writing skills and makes you a critical thinker. While writing this academic task, you explore different ideas, evaluate the evidence, elaborate ideas, and coherently present your argument. Students get stuck because essay writing demands attention, time, research skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

If you are going through a similar situation, you need to seek help from professional essay writers to improve your academic grades. Although! Students struggle to compose compelling essays. If they follow the tips and tricks of effective essay writing, they can write their paper themselves. In this blog, I have discussed the best tips to produce compelling essays that you can follow to impress your professor. But, before we move further, let’s discuss the four essay types.

Argumentative Essays

As the name suggests, an argumentative essay presents a strong -evidence-based argument. In this type of essay writing, your purpose is to persuade the reader by presenting a strong argument with evidence such as quotation and analysis. Argumentative essays test the student’s ability to research and present your position on the topic. Mostly! In college or universities, your professor assigns your argumentative essays, which consist of some kind of argumentation. Three parts of the argumentative essay paper are:

Introduction: In this section, you have to provide a topic and thesis statement.

Main body: It consists of the arguments with the evidence.

Conclusion: In this section, you have to summarize your arguments and emphasize their importance.

Narrative Essays

It is a type of essay that narrates the story. In this essay type, you have to tell the story of the personal experience you had, or maybe you have to present the imaginative exploration of something you have never experienced. It allows students to exercise creativity and imagination. An example of a narrative essay is: Write about the first time you went to the picnic. The purpose of this type of essay is to indulge the reader in the personal experience of the writer. Make sure your narrative essay is clear, coherent, detailed, and explains the story. Remember! While writing narrative essays:

  • Include emotional and sensory details so your reader feels the story not just read it
  • Write in the first and third-person
  • Allow the story to support the points you are making

Descriptive Essays

It provides the details of something. This type of essay writing allows students to be creative, make striking word choices, and convey a picture of what you are describing. Descriptive essays aim to communicate the deeper meaning through the description. Unlike narrative essay papers, which provide the whole story, descriptive essays discuss the main subject. Keep in mind, when you are composing this type of essay, carefully select the words and figurative language to develop the original description of your object.

Expository Essays

This essay type provides a clear, focused explanation of the topic you are writing about. All you need is the balance and organized views of the topic to compose a compelling expository essay. The purpose of this essay type is to test the student’s ability regarding the topic familiarity and your ability to organize and convey information. Mostly! Your professor assigns you expository essays for tests, quizzes, and papers in your academic career. It has three parts: its starts with an introduction that states your topics and explains some background information. Next comes the main body, which presents the details. Lastly, it ends with a conclusion that summarizes the presented information. 

Effective Writing Tips to Compose Compelling Paper

Undoubtedly, essay writing is not an easy task. Students struggle when it comes to writing an effective essay paper. If you are facing problems in essay writing, you need to follow these writing tips to improve your writing skills. Below are a few effective writing tips to compose compelling essays.

  • In order to stay organized throughout the writing process, you need to outline. Firstly, establish the structure and plan where you are going to take your reader through your paper.
  • The introduction is one of the most crucial parts of any academic paper. Because it is a way to impress your reader. Your reader will get to know the topic through an introductory paragraph which is why to write an engaging introduction that entices your reader to read the entire paper.
  • After the introduction, write the main body of the paragraph. Each statement of your body text should contribute to your thesis statement. Present your ideas, thoughts, viewpoints, and arguments with supporting evidence.
  • Once you have presented the evidence, end each paragraph with the transition sentence to make it easy for the reader to follow from one paragraph to the next.
  • Lastly, it’s a time of closure. Summarize your arguments without repeating thesis points.

Last Few Words

Indeed, essay writing is a tricky task that students get assigned during their academic careers. Before writing an essay, you need to find which essay type you have required to do. There are four essays types argumentative, narrative, descriptive and expository. In the earlier section, I have discussed these types of essays and shared some effective essay writing tips that can help you write an essay paper. But still, if you are not comfortable writing yourself, seek academic assistance from professional essay writers to

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