What are the Best MMA Gloves?

MMA Gloves are not only for power punching but also produce notable technical differences in sparring, striking and grappling. Such unique features make these gloves an essential piece of equipment for Mixed Martial Arts training. These gloves are designed that suits the particularities of Mixed Martial Arts and a perfect delivery of blows to the opponent the opponent fighter.

Moreover, the best MMA gloves provide knuckle, fingers, hand and wrist protection while mobility and flexibility of fingers. We will guide you to check out the features of gloves before buying them by focusing on the comfort and versatility. One should invest wisely in MMA equipment by checking on most crucial protective gear for you. Although we mention here that these gloves do not provide complete protection but provide adequate protection with combined with hand wraps.

Key Factors to focus while buying MMA equipment

Glove Type

It is very important to understand various styles of MMA gloves and figure out which one is suitable for training.

Competition Gloves: These gloves come typically around 4 ounces or less, with minimal padding. They are open and separated that allows movement and ability to hold onto your opponents. As they come with less padding so we will suggest you hand wraps for extra protection.

 Training Gloves: This style of gloves came up with numerous names, like training/Bag/Grappling/Hybrid Gloves. The padding fingers design allows your hands and fingers enough movement for grappling along with the sense of protection.

MMA Sparring Gloves: MMA Sparring is related to heavy bag workouts with the combination of striking and punching techniques. These gloves usually have more padding and weight around 6-7oz that ensures extra ordinary protection. We must mention here that Sparring gloves and Boxing gloves have similarity that they have tight grip for punching. These gloves are not best for grappling but for striking and punching techniques.

Materials and Quality

Leather & Synthetic Leather: 100% Leather is a high-quality material and most suitable for MMA Gloves. Pure Leather material is expensive, durable, natural, tough and long-lasting as compared to Synthetic materials. Synthetic leather too could be a good option and as they are little cheaper as well but fighters can feel difference.

Padding: Usually, foam is the padding material for gloves as many of the manufacturing companies use layered foam or some use regular foam. We will suggest you to go for quality foam padding as these are important for punching like for focus mitt sparring and competition gloves.

Wrist Strap: A solid Velcro Wrist Strap is important while buying MMA Gloves as it holds the entire together. Moreover, it keeps your hand and wrist secure and tight and keeps the gloves secure around the fist.

Best MMA Gloves

Beginner Grappling Gloves

Manufacturing Material: Hi-tech Synthetic Leather

Color: White/Black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Usage: Training

Essential Features: Shock Absorbent EVA foam, Grappling Techniques, Hi-Tech Artificial Leather, Ergonomically Shaped curved design.

The Beginner Grappling Gloves from StarPro Combat comes with a Tech delivering high-quality and high-performance for beginners manufactured by fine synthetic leather. The foam padding is extremely shock absorbing and striking ability.

A perfect combination of protection and agility along with all the grappling techniques to become top-notch fighter.

An engineered leather construction makes it long-lasting and comfortable with the combination super durability and quite easy to clean.

Foam padding with the curve of a fist, helps to maintain hand position to reduce the risk of injury and minimizing the impact of punch effects.

MMA Training Gloves (Star Series)

Material: Synthetic Leather

Usage: Training

Size: S, M, L, XL

Essential Features: Z-Tech Inner Palm Lining, PU Synthetic Leather Construction, Velcro Closing Strap.

MMA Training Gloves by StarPro Combat gear is the other meaning of endurance with combination of super protective foam which gives potential for training.

During intense training sessions your hands stay dry as it wicks moisture away and gives comfortable and odor-busting protection.

The Manufacturing Material is durable synthetic leather and intense padding for bag workout and sparring dynamic sessions.

Velcro closing strap gives protection, comfort and grappling to striking.

We must recommend you to ensure yourself to get a right fit, click here for size guide.

F55 Fusion Training MMA Glove

Manufacturing Material: Synthetic Leather

Color: Red

Usage: Training Grappling

Size: S/M, L/XL

Essential Features: Anti slip and odor free, ergonomically engineered, S-Flex impact technology, Fusion Innovation, Wrap Strap Closure.

StarPro MMA gloves are other name of innovation as they are combination of self-color stitching and high-density foam gives durability.

A breathable fabric that keeps your hand cool and dry, Super soft lining gives comfort and a perfect fit for punching and grappling during sparring sessions.

Unique construction, ergonomically engineered for grappling, and stabilizing fist for better fist formation. S-Flex impact technology and one-piece injection molded foam padding disperse the punch impact.

With cutting edge padding with advanced manufacturing by synthetic leather and unique structure for fist formation. Intense foam padding minimize the risk of wrist and thumb injury.

Self-color stitching along with injection molded foam padding, with best hand protection and superior injury defense.

A fantastic fist closure, with ultimate protection, disperse shock along with power wrap strap to secure the wrist.

Hand Wraps

It is always important to find a right pair of quality gloves and keep in mind pros and cons before buying. For further protection Hand Wraps are most recommended and somehow considered best for hand protection.

Mexican Quick Wrap

Color: Black

Size: S/M, L/XL.

The basic purpose of these quick wraps is training in comfort, with elastically bandage making it easy to put on and secure stay in place.

Premium quality synthetic leather construction gives durability and Hydra-Flow mesh keeps palm moisture free.

Ergonomically shaped, perfectly formed to give a perfect shape to your hands. Moreover, stretch bandage section with a Velcro closure that gives support to your wrist.

Concluded Note:

While choosing MMA equipment, focus on quality and features of MMA Gloves, as it is a good investment to your training. Even be very careful about the weight and do not use heavy weight gloved during sparring and strikes. Choose those gloves that eventually give you protection and comfort during intense training sessions.

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