What are the smart tips to save premium paid on health insurance?

With growing age, the chances of health deteriorate. And hence, the need of having medical insurance rise. Health insurance has become a necessity in your life.

A lot of people in the UK have health insurance. This number continues to rise despite the financial uncertainty. This further solidifies the criticality of having health insurance in your life.

The Premium of Health Insurance

But Private Health Insurance does not come cheap. Many people are buying insurance for the first time. But there are many more that are looking for ideas for ways to save some cost on high insurance premiums.

But the reality is that reducing the insurance premium cost requires some compromise to be made. However, there are some clever or smart ways by which you can cut down the premium amount on your insurance without compromising the insurance cover.

You can easily get your hands on the benefits of medical cover even, if you need a loan today from any direct lender in the UK to take the medical insurance.

If you are also looking for taking insurance but save some on the premium, this article lets you know a few practical tips on doing the same.

If you are also looking for taking insurance but save some on the premium, this article is for you to know a few practical tips on doing the same.

Ways to Save Money on Health Insurance

  1. Buying when you are still young

Buy your health insurance when you are young. It is advisable to do so as you tend to have better health when young. Even the health insurance cover will cost you less if you are healthier and younger.

Hence, it is better not to wait until you age or face any illness to buy health insurance.

Get the health insurance plan at the earliest so that you pay fewer premiums for the same. The premium and even the benefits of the insurance plan would also be more when purchased at a younger age.

  1. Keep a healthy and disciplined lifestyle

A person with no medical history usually gets the medical insurance policy at a lesser rate. Hence if you do not smoke or slim and lean (not obese), or do not have any diabetes history, the probability of you getting medical insurance at a lower cost is high.

How can you avoid these illnesses? By simply maintaining a fit and disciplined lifestyle.

Avoid the food items from your diet, which lead to these health issues. Add exercise and walking to your daily routine. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, and if you cannot, take preventive measures.

Making such small changes in your lifestyle will keep the basic illnesses at bay. And this will definitely bag you a good health insurance plan at a much lower rate.

Not only with the health insurance, but a good lifestyle will also keep you in good health and boost your confidence about your personality.

  1. Consider buying a family floater plan

A family floater plan means buying one single plan for all the family members. It is often more economical than the individual plan. This option comes in handy when taking the medical cover for more than one family member.

This will cover all your loved ones under one common health insurance, reducing the premium for the insurance plan. You can buy the floater plan even if you need the emergency money now in the UK.

This is one of the smart ways in which you can save some money on the premium while taking the insurance for all the family members.

A floater plan will save you money on premiums and provide you with more flexibility and better coverage options.

  1.  Research for top-up plans

Topping up on your earlier base plan is one of the smart ways to get a higher insurance cover. A top-up plan will let you increase the total amount insured for your medical insurance.

You can use this additional sum when the primary assured sum of the policy gets exhausted. This way, buying a primary policy and adding the top-up becomes cheaper than going for a plan with higher coverage.

But you need to understand one thing. The top-up sum is activated only when the initial (base) sum is exhausted. However, buying a top-up plan is one of the smartest moves to increase the cover of your policy without hurting your pocket much.

  1. Shop online:

Compare yourself the premiums of insurances buying from an agent or online. Online buying of insurances will be more economical.

Some excellent plans can be searched and found online that too at superb rates.

  1. Long-term plans are cost-effective:

Though generally, the medical covers are 1 year, longer periods like two and three years are also available.

The premium is lesser on the plans bought for a longer period. This also protects you against inflation and let you save some more money.

  1. Adjust your riders:

Riders on your base health cover are quite helpful. They come at an additional cost, though. Research and go through the available rider option well.

Understand each of them to see which suits your requirement. Then you can select the one you need and drop the rest. This helps to reduce the premium of insurance plans.

  1. Do not overbuy insurance:

Always assess your requirements. How much you would need or how much would be sufficient? Take the help of an insurance premium calculator to know how much premium comes out for the coverage amount you choose.

This helps you decide the coverage plan of the medical insurance you are going to choose.


The ways discussed above will help you find and buy a good medical policy with a lesser premium. Always compare your health insurance with others. Buying the right cover for the family is one way closer to shedding your worries to someone else.

Many people do not have health insurance and find it difficult to cater to the critical situation in their lives. Buy the right insurance for you and keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

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