What is a Help Desk? What are the Steps to Start with Help Desk

What is a Help Desk?

A help desk is a ticketing system. This means it’s a tool to manage your email with users. It works like a mailbox but has additional features designed to help the user easily.

When you run the Help Desk, you get powerful tools to help you organize your emails. At the same time, the answers you write at the help desk will look like regular e-mail, so your customers will see no difference.

How to collaborate with your team at the Help Desk?

Invite your team to join us for maximum help from the help desk services and work together on your customer support projects. You can assign three roles to your team members: administrator, agent, or viewer.

What are the Steps to Start with Help Desk

There are 3 steps to start and manage communication with customers

1. Sign up Process

You have to create an email with a click sign up button.

  1. By clicking the sign-up button, a new window will appear on the screen, give the details as displayed on it.
  2. Give first name, last name, password, and Emil address and click continue.

Note: You can also create with sign up with a google account.

2. Email Forwarding Setup

To send all messages to the Help Desk, create a forwarding rule or forward to the current mail client or directly from your server. This way, the email your customers send to your inbox will be sent to the Help Desk as tickets.

3. Add the Team Members

The final step is to invite your teammates. This way you can collaborate on additional tickets. Add as many agents as you want. Support has tools to help collaborate, making it easy to resolve customer problems and answer their questions. You don’t have to leave the program to work with your team.

Operation Principles of Help DeskH

The ticketing system of every helpdesk system. Simply put, it is a database that contains information about each call or letter made by the user. Customer support staff generate such tickets and enter information into this database about their progress, customer reaction and many other details about the tickets. In this way, it is possible to execute tickets, sort user information, etc.

Ticket systems usually work via email. The customer sends an email to a specific address such as support@domain.com and the system records all incoming emails in the form of tickets (questions) in its database. The customer service representative will look at the tickets (questions) in the database along with the customer’s contact data and description of the problem and initiate appropriate action based on it.

HelpDesk is a ticketing system with modules that expand its functionality. It is divided into three categories:

  1. Which expands the functioning of the ticket system itself. We can include different channels of tickets: social networks, IP telephony and so on. How to enter the Customer Support Agent database: Mobile application. Browser module ticket management via special email instructions
  2. Automated Ticket Processing System: A set of automated ticketing policies, SLA (Service Level Agreement) policies, modules for integration with other systems or databases.
  3. Information Systems and Management Modules: Customer Asset Management Tracking Agent Time, Various Accounts, Customer Satisfaction Control, etc.

Where HelpDesk systems are applied.

The main goal of Help Desks is to automate customer service operations: IT departments, software maintenance, and more. Often customers send tickets by email, chat or website separately. However, this is not the only way to use the help desk. Below you will find many other HelpDesk application methods.

Sales department

To fully save CRM, some companies use HelpDesk as a system to receive customer requests. It works as follows: The company has an email address like sales@domain.com where customers send their email, which is received as HelpDesk tickets.

Each employee will see all the tickets and if one of them will work on a ticket, the others will see the full written letter to the customer because this data will be visible on the ticket.

Thus, duplication of customer responses by different employees of the sales department can be avoided. In addition, the head of the department can monitor the response time to entries and the performance of other staff.

Collaboration between departments

For example, a trading company has a sales department and a purchasing department. Sales staff forwarded to the purchasing department a request for the purchase price of the merchandise and after receiving a response they prepared a quote for their customers. In this case, the HelpDesk can help the purchasing department achieve a fixed response time.

Offline support

City services, telephone companies, etc. In this case, the dispatcher or operator who receives customer calls manually enters the tickets into the system.

The leaders of the organizing teams proceeded to reserve tickets and introduced information about the time spent and other important details. If such a company pays employees hourly wages or is required to work overtime, the time tracking function can be very helpful.

Some HelpDesk systems (such as Freshdesk) allow you to track multiple employees working on a single ticket. For more information on tracking time with HelpDesk systems, see our article on TimeDesk tracking agencies.

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