Marketing may be defined as the process of intentionally encouraging people for the purchase of goods or products and services .It may also include gathering a target audience who may be interested in purchasing those products. Marketing is typically conducted by a seller ,typically a manufacturer or retailer.



  1. Marketing strategy in a practical way means a long term planning of the objectives that a company wants to achieve in its near future and present.To achieve these goals or objectives one should choose the specific actions to consolidate the reputation of the products and services .
  2. People who were scholars in the field of marketing have suggested that strategic marketing rose in the late 1970s.
  3. Marketing strategy includes pointing out the company’s direction for the future planning period which can be two,three, five or even ten years from now. Strategic planning can also lead to solving market threats which the company may need to consider for long term sustainability.
  4. It is basically concerned with identifying the business opportunities that may render the company into success and evaluates its capacity to hold such opportunities.
  5. A good strategy may lead to creating a good product which might lead to a good relationship between the buyer and the seller , if the customer is satisfied by the product or content then he or she may help in promoting the organization’s content which may lead to the welfare of the company.
  6. In total there are four elements which helps in shaping marketing strategy which are known as the 4ps which helps in generating profit in the company and boost sales, which are as follows:-
  • Product strategies
  • Pricing strategies
  • Distribution strategies
  • Promotion strategies

However the research and analysis involved in strategic planning is very sophisticated and requires a great deal of skill and judgement.


Public Relation or PR is basically managing and spreading information from an organization or individual to the public in order to change their public  perspective towards that organization.PR is controlled internally so it is completely different from publicity which is not controlled and contributed by external parties.


  1. PR strategy is basically the best way to communicate with your targeted audience .It is basically used to help your business organize its public relation activities.If a good strategy is applied it will serve as a helping hand in managing the public perception of an organization.
  2. Whatever may be the content it should have your audience in mind , remember that all audiences are not the same can be reached through social media and some through social events .For your message to make an impact in your audience’s mind you should first understand their need .
  3. Doing research is a must because research is an essential part of PR management as it allows you to be strategic.
  4. Do you know what the key to a successful business is? It is to strengthen your comparative competitiveness.you along with your team must have an advantage in comparison to your competitor.Sustaining this advantage is at the heart of a good strategy.
  5. To get people to listen to your words , you should make your points interesting which is of course according to the needs of your audience but another thing that may attract your audience’s interest is adding a little bit of humour to your points.

Taking in consideration all these points ,it may be concluded that marketing and PR strategy can be defined by the points mentioned above.

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